Your Guide To Summer Holidays With A Difference

It’s the start of spring, which means now is the perfect time to start your summer holiday planning. Remember, the sooner you start your vacation planning, the better deals you’ll get. This year instead of booking a beach break, why not consider mixing it up? To give you some ideas for exciting holidays that will beat beach breaks every time, we’ve put together a few suggestions.


An adventure holiday


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If you and your travel buddies are fans of trying new things, an adventure holiday could be perfect for you. Instead of spending your time laid on a beach, you could spend your two-week vacation trying new things. There are so many amazing places that offer fantastic adventures, that you’ll be spoilt for choice. From sea kayaking, caving and jungle trekking in the South of Thailand to white water rafting and snorkeling in Bali, there’s a lot on offer.


Volunteer abroad


For a vacation that’s a little different, and a little more affordable, volunteer abroad. The great thing about volunteering is that after you’ve paid your fee to join the project, everything else is free. You won’t have to worry about covering the cost of your accommodation or board. You’ll meet some amazing new people and get an in-depth feel for the culture you’re working in. Volunteering is a travel experience like no other. Whether you opt to volunteer with orangutans or choose to teach English, you and your travel buddies will have the most amazing time. There are so many benefits to volunteering – the travel experience is just one of them.


Go camping


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If you love nature, then why not camp for your summer vacation? Camping isn’t just something you can do at home; you can camp anywhere. The great thing about camping abroad is that your accommodation is much cheaper. Of course, there’s the cost of your equipment to think about, but if you opt to hire it instead of buying, you can keep costs low. It’s important to research the camping rules for the country you’re visiting before you go, to ensure that you don’t break them. For instance, in some countries, like Greece, you have to camp on a campsite as wild camping is illegal. Whereas in France, you can pretty much camp wherever you want.


Plan a city break


Last but not least, a great alternative to your normal summer beach break is a city break. While cities can get incredibly hot in the summer months, they’re a lot less busy as everyone is at the beach. If you want to experience city culture without the crazy hustle and bustle, plan a city break in the summer months. As long as your hotel has a pool to cool off in, and there are bars serving iced drinks, you’ll have an incredible time.


Beach breaks can be a lot of fun but after a while, they get a little boring. That’s why this year it’s worth mixing things up a little. Opt for a break with a difference, something unusual and exciting, and you can have the most fantastic time away.

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