Why Tuscany Should Be On Your Bucket List

Italy is one of those countries that will lure you back time and again. And one of the best things about Italy is the enormous number of places and attractions that you can see. It is a unique country and a beautiful country. It’s fiery and laid back, passionate and romantic, and it’s a destination you simply won’t want to leave.


Tuscany is one of the regions that will just steal your heart. Some of the most incredible countryside in the world can be found here. There is a slower pace of life for the locals, and some incredible cuisine to be enjoyed. In fact, this region is world-renowned for it’s local flavour of food and wine.


European travel is easy and carefree. You can travel by plane, airport hopping across each country and region. Or you can take the budget approach. There are some great European travel tickets for the railways that are very flexible and open-ended. This means you can meander your way through most European countries and arrive in Florence for the start of your Tuscan holiday.


Florence is one of the most incredible cities for art lovers and fans of the Renaissance. The architecture in the city is breathtaking. And being in Tuscany means you can enjoy local food in some of the best restaurants in all of Italy. Tuscan dishes are full of flavours that are unique to this region. And the wine is locally produced too.


For a true Tuscan experience, why not try a Florence Chianti tasting session? You can travel to a local winery and spend the afternoon sampling some of the best wines in the world. You get the chance to explore some of the incredible countrysides in this region too. There are the snow-capped Apennine mountains and Elba’s sandy beaches to enjoy as well.


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To really enjoy this region, you might consider a cycle tour or even a walking holiday. This is a very beautiful part of the world and not to be missed. And with all that incredible food to enjoy, some exercise could certainly be required!


Some of the most famous tourist attractions are in this region too. The Florence cathedral is an architectural marvel and is one of the most beautiful and ornate buildings in the world. This medieval structure features a brilliant red dome. There is often glorious music to be heard inside too. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, built in the 1300s, has been a firm favourite with tourists for years. And the Uffizi gallery is a must for all art lovers. Michelangelo’s David is also currently residing in the area.


This part of Italy really does offer so much for travellers to see and do. And the region certainly lends itself to the lifestyle. There are plenty of places to pick up casual or seasonal work. You can travel on foot, by bicycle, or by train through the region very easily and cheaply too. One of the very best things here though has to be the food! All local produce and uniquely local dishes mean you’ll never forget the wonderful stay you had in Tuscany.

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