Why I think travelling can solve most of life’s problems


…at least temporarily. So, you hate your job, you’ve broken up with your partner or you’re having a midlife crisis – what do you do?

For many people travel can provide the release that we all need from every now and again. How many times have you been sat there in the office and thinking ‘God, I need a holiday’?

It’s true that a little sun, sea and sand can help blow away the cobwebs but it’s more than that. Spending some time away can help you to re-evaluate your life and allow you to move forward. Sometimes the monotony of everyday life calls for some excitement, some adventure. Perhaps you’re going through a tough time at work or having relationship problems and need some space to think about your options.

Travel can provide the perfect escape. I’m not suggesting you run away from your problems, but stepping away from the situation and gaining a fresh perspective on things can be very therapeutic.

Travelling makes you realise how small you are in the great scheme of things and although for some people this can seem quite daunting it can also make you realise how insignificant your problems are as well. When you see how amazing the world is it can make you forget what you were worrying about in the first place.

You might decide to travel with a friend or relative, however I have found that travelling alone can make all the difference. Although it’s a cliché, the benefits of getting out there and ‘finding yourself’ will continue long after you’ve touched back down at home. You learn to cope on your own and explore new things for yourself. There’s something quite liberating about not having anyone else to answer to but yourself.

If you want to go and climb a mountain, you can do it. If you want to party with the locals, you can do it. Exposing yourself to new situations shows you that there is a whole world outside the bubble of your life. It might make you realise that you need to take more risks, or learn to meet new people. These are all qualities which you can apply to your life once you return home.

For many people. travelling actually makes them miss the comforts of home, so you might find that you return with a new appreciation for your environment and the people in it. On the other hand, travelling might make you feel like you never want to go home again!

There’s nothing like looking out over a beautiful view and contemplating life. It’s something which many of us just don’t have the time to do. We all live such hectic lives that we forget to simply sit down and think.

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