What type of traveller are you?

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Everyone has their own approach when it comes to travelling; there’s no one size fits all. It really depends on what you hope to get out of your trip and your personality type. Have a read and see what type of traveller most sounds like you…

The guidebook obsessive

The guidebook is your Bible when you’re travelling and you would feel lost without it (literally). You don’t have to worry about where to shop, what to do or where to eat because your trusty guidebook will give you all the information you need. Although consulting a guidebook can be useful, see what happens if you ditch the guidebook for the day and explore on your own. You never know, you might find something incredible which didn’t make it into the guidebook!

The itinerary-maker

You’re obsessed with planning everything down to a tee and organisational skills are your forte. You wouldn’t dream of setting off on a trip without having your accommodation booked, knowing your exact travel times and planning your daily activities. In many ways it’s good to be prepared but you can never prepare for the unexpected!

The free spirit

For you, travel is all about going with the flow. You live day by day and never know where you’re going to end up next. You’re quite happy just waking up one day and deciding to hop on a train to another country or going on a road trip with a bunch of people you met in your hostel. You don’t like to feel restricted when you travel and your love of exploring means you often end up in places which are quite off the beaten track.

The party animal

Sampling a city’s nightlife is one of the main attractions for you when you travel. You love a good bar crawl and choose destinations based on how lively the club scene is. Your outgoing personality means that you are constantly meeting new people (although you may not always be able to remember the night).

The culture vulture

For you, travel is less about partying and more about soaking up the culture. You love a good museum, art gallery or castle and wouldn’t dream of spending all day sunbathing on the beach. You try and pack as much into your days as possible and love returning home with a few postcards and souvenirs at the end of it.

The penny-pincher

You hate the idea of forking out a ton of money for a hotel or a meal out and are constantly trying to find the cheapest option for everything. It doesn’t matter whether its travel, accommodation, food or activities, you will always do you research. When it comes to visiting local markets, you’re a pro at haggling, and you do everything you can to make sure your money goes as far as possible.

Of course, you might find that you are a mixture of a few. Maybe you love partying but also enjoy the odd museum. Perhaps you consider yourself a free spirit but also like to keep an eye on the pennies.

What type of traveller most sounds like you?


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