Travelling Tips to Make Your Life Easier




Whether you travel little or often, it’s good to have a few tips to make your life easier. Follow our simple steps to a relaxed and laid-back travel experience.


1. Cash


Always keep a little local currency with you. You should also carry this separate to your wallet and travellers cheques. If your wallet is stolen, you will always have enough cash to make a phone call and take a taxi back to your accommodation.


2. Back Up


This is useful for everyday life but particularly for when you’re travelling. Always make backups of any documents, videos, photos, etc. If you’re taking lots of photos, upload them onto your laptop. Better still, upload to the a cloud hosting facility to enable you to access them from anywhere. That way, you can access your data if your laptop or camera are lost or stolen.




3. Get Up Early


When you’re on holiday, it’s tempting to turn off the alarm clock and stay in bed a little longer. Rather than spending your time sleeping, make the most of every moment. Many activities and tours, such as the Phillip Island Tour, start early in the morning. So it’s important that you’re there in plenty of time to take your place and enjoy everything the destination has to offer.


Most places are quieter in the mornings which will allow you time and space to look around without the crowds.


4. Take Ear Plugs


Ear plugs are one of the most practical accessories for a traveller. They are great on long-haul flights when the guy next to you is snoring. They are also useful if your accommodation is a little noisy. Noise-cancelling headphones are also a good idea.



 5. Make Notes


When you’re travelling, make lots of notes and keep them. If you visit a restaurant that was out of this world, keep a note of it. Other practical information is also useful, such as the number of local taxi firms. You can then refer to your notes if you visit in the future. Or you can pass the information onto friends who are also visiting.


6. Pack Less


Wherever possible, travel lightly. This will save you lots of headaches, including dragging heavy luggage to connection points. It will also help you avoid excess baggage charges. Plus your clothes are likely to be less creased on your arrival.


7. Plan Ahead But Not Too Much


Be organised and plan ahead but don’t over-plan. Allow some room in your schedule to make decisions on the day. Being rigid can kill spontaneity.


8. Learn the Language


You can’t learn the language of every place you visit. However, it can be useful to have a few words and phrases up your sleeve. This will make life much easier for obvious reasons. It’s also polite to attempt to speak to people in their language.


It’s always useful to get some advice from people who have gone before. These tips may not radically change your life. However, they will save you a few headaches and make things easier along the way. They will help you be prepared for when things go wrong, so you can make the most of your time away.

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