Top 5 Things to Do on Your Sydney (Australia) Honeymoon


When we think of honeymoon, we instantly think of Paris or Venice or any part of Europe really. Sydney is not a common destination for romantic getaway and that is a big mistake. Little do we know that Sydney has a lot to offer in terms of romantic spots and tourist destinations? Visiting Sydney on your honeymoon would be the best thing that happened to you and we assure you that every moment with your significant other will be forever etched in your memory.

Still don’t believe it? Allow us to take you to some of the most exotic and imaginative places Sydney has to offer:

1.    The Outdoor Cinema:

A local cinema is where you take your date, when it’s your wife accompanying you to Sydney then take her to the outdoor cinemas. Watch your favorite movies under the open sky in the summer breeze or watch it with the stars shining on you and what’s more, you can choose a spot right along the Sydney harbor or watch it with Bondi beach as your backdrop. With such a stunning view, your favorite movie on and the live of your life beside you, can it  get any more romantic? Doubtful.

2.    A Dinner along the Sydney Harbor:

There is no better way of bonding and getting to know each other than over a plate of splendid food and a beautiful view. There are plenty of exuberant cafés and restaurants along the harbor for you to choose from. This romantic setting is like a movie where you could be the stars.

3.    Cruise the Harbor:

Want to have the Titanic experience— minus the sinking and dying part— then take the harbor cruise. Enjoying the cool breeze and crystal clear water on a hot summer night with your partner and relish in the beauty all around you. You can also take it a step further and have a dinner aboard. If its privacy you are searching for then you can always hire your own private cruise and discover places that are off the beaten path.

4.    Visit the Artists:

Who can do a  better portrayal of romance than poets and artists? And Sydney have a whole collection of their work in the Art Gallery. Take a stroll in the gallery and admire all the exhibition of portraits of romantic and classic art.

5.    Pack a Picnic:

Romantic getaways have little to do with extravagance and lux and more to do with experience, settings and memories. A low-key attempt at romance could be as strong as one with diamonds and indulgence. A romantic attempt at picnic is a good way to have a laid-back time on your honeymoon. Pack a picnic and take it to the ObservatoryHill Park, get ice-cream on the way and stroll with tour partner hand in hand.

It’s not every day that you get married and get to have a wonderful time on your honeymoon, so by all means get a ticket for Sydney and plan the best trip ever- with your partner in crime in tow.

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