Thinking Of A Trip To The Maldives? You Will After Reading This

The Maldives islands are one of those destinations that many people want to travel to at some stage in their lives. Call it a bucket list worthy destination. With many newlywed couples considering taking their honeymoon there, or even families wanting the perfect idyllic destination for quality family time, it has fast become a popular destination. So what is the biggest attraction to this collection of 26 islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean? I thought I would explore this questions a little, perhaps it will inspire you to book your dream holiday there or even add it to your travel bucket list.





Are the islands easily accessible?


Getting to The Maldives is far simpler than you would think. Many airlines fly there via some of biggest airports in the world like Abu Dhabi or Dubai. The only international airport in The Maldives is on Huhule Island which is just a few kilometers away from the capital. Once you are there, it is relatively easy to island hop, with not all of the islands having resort or accommodation facilities. You could use boats or even sea planes.


The types of accommodation you should consider


In The Maldives, you can choose your accommodation to suit your budget. From over the water villas, to all-inclusive selections like Soneva Fushi resort you are sure to find something to suit your needs. Relax in a spa, drink cocktails round the pool or head to the stunning sandy beaches. Accommodation could even be some of the smaller boutique hotels, just do some research online to find the perfect place for you and your budget.





The experiences you might just have to consider


Fancy eating your breakfast with Hammer sharks? Or swimming with the whale sharks? Or even just dining under the stars while the ocean looks like a sea of diamonds? Well, all of that is possible during your vacation to The Maldives. But it all depends on exactly what you want out of your holiday, doesn’t it? Which is why you wouldn’t be accused of wasting your time in The Maldives even if you just decide to lay on the glorious white sandy beaches, sipping your fruity cocktail and topping up your tan.


Things to remember


Sometimes it’s worth remembering that The Maldives are very secluded, everything apart from fish and coconuts needs to be imported. So try and consider that this could have an effect on the costs of meals while you are staying in The Maldives. However, choosing some of the all-inclusive accommodation resorts available could help with that. Just remember to check what is included and what might not be.


So why go there?


The Maldives are simply some of the most beautiful islands on the Earth. It simply has no hassles or distractions offering you the perfect escape from reality. Some other people would consider The Maldives as a sophisticated vacation hot spot, with year-round temperatures and a favorable climate you could really go at any time of the year and not be disappointed.


I hope this has made you a little more aware of The Maldives and it has inspired you to consider it a place to go in the future.



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