Things you will miss most while travelling

Travelling isn’t always the most comfortable of experiences. You might be on the road for long periods of time, lugging around your heavy backpack and struggling to converse with the locals. Although travelling has some major plus points, no matter how amazing your experience, there are always a few home comforts that you will miss. If you are thinking of going travelling, be prepared…

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1. A comfortable bed

There’s nothing better than sleeping in your own bed, and travelling really makes you appreciate that even more. You’ll probably sample lots of different beds while you’re travelling. My personal favourite (not) is the triple bunk bed which takes enormous skill to climb into.

2. A hot shower

At home you can have a shower whenever you want. When you’re travelling it’s not that simple. You might be travelling all day without any access to a shower, or you might have to wait for aaages to have one in the hostel. Although some hostel showers are fine, be prepared for the fact that it may not live up to the same standards you’re used to.

3. The Internet

We’re so used to just being able to go on the Internet whenever we please, check our Facebook notifications, upload photos, message our friends, but when you’re travelling and you’re constantly hunting around for a free Wi-Fi signal  or an Internet cafe it just doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

4. Home cooked food

You’ll realise how much you’ve taken for granted simple things like mum cooking you a bacon sandwich or a nice cup of tea. When you’re on the road you’re likely to be eating food to go or sampling some weird and wonderful local delicacies. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with trying something new, but sometimes you just want a nice Sunday roast.

5. Your friends and family :(

You might not think you will miss them, but you will. When you’re not busy having an amazing time or if something goes wrong on your trip, you’ll realise how much you wish they were with you! Of course, if you’re only going on a 2 week holiday then you probably won’t miss them too much, but when you’re spending months and months away at a time it’s easy to feel homesick.

6. Having a room to yourself

When you’re travelling privacy is in short supply. Look forward to sharing a dorm room with ten other people and some form of communal bathroom. If you like your solitude and hate noise then this type of travel might not be for you!

7. Not having a backpack

There will come a time when you feel like your backpack has become surgically attached to you. You carry it will you everywhere. You’re like a turtle carrying your home on your back and, although you will feel slightly lost without it, being able to walk around freely without that extra weight will feel amazing.

If you’re thinking of going travelling, hopefully this hasn’t put you off. Most people who have being travelling will probably remember having some of these withdrawal symptoms during their trip. It certainly doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. Most of the time, the positives will far outweigh any of the negatives!

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