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There’s no denying that the islands of Hawaii are absolutely stunning, and pictures are enough to demonstrate that. However, much like any travelling experience, even the most professional photograph can’t compare to the real thing. I likely don’t have to tell you this, as you’re probably already sold on the concept of visiting Hawaii. You may be stuck, however, given the sheer number of islands that you could possibly visit.


It’s hard to know not only where to begin, but which places to cover and how much you should cover, as it would probably take someone a very long time to see everything Hawaii has to offer. Like any visit, however, there are highlights that are worth experiencing during your short stay. Here are some tips about which things are best to see when you visit Hawaii, with some general suggestions that are applicable no matter which island you visit.


See the majestic humpback whale.

Give their unique locations, many of the islands of which Hawaii is comprised play host to a range of exotic, exciting and intriguing wildlife. As pointed out over on, the humpback whales are a truly magnificent sight to behold if you should head on over to Maui at any point. There are some creatures you can see anywhere in the world, but whilst you’re in Hawaii you need to take the opportunity to see all those exotic creatures that you just can’t see elsewhere. Humpback creatures are huge, acrobatic and impressively nimble creatures which just can’t be contained and, as such, are only really worth witnessing in the wild.


Soak in the beauty of nature.

Hawaii is a place full of beautiful nature, even with the influx of tourism which has led to many built-up areas on many of the islands. The scenery present in this stunning land of natural beauty is something which has been left virtually untouched, however, and it’s worth taking a moment out from your crazy, packed schedule to just take a deep breath and admire the view. You could check out, as the island of Oahu has beautiful beaches on which you can behold the even more beautiful sunsets. Of course, wherever you are on Hawaii, there is no shortage of incredible places to simply stop and stare out at the horizon, as you marvel at the place in which you find yourself.



As mentioned over on, the Kona coast is one of the most incredible places to dive in the entirety of Hawaii. Night diving is unlike any other diving experience you may have had in the past, as you’ll be seeing underwater that remain hidden during the day, such as the manta ray. More importantly, you’re seeing the underwater world in a whole new light (given the lack of light). The mysterious, dark and twisted beauty of the ocean becomes more obvious when you see it all first hand in a safe, controlled environment and you’re faced with non-dangerous animals, of course.

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