The Lesser-Travelled Europe



There is so much to discover in Europe that it’s hard to know where to begin. Obviously, there are the popular choices where the interest is so heavily concentrated and there’s a lot to do – London in the United Kingdom is a good example. However, there are also some places of interest that are losing out, but definitely shouldn’t be with the hidden gravitas that they have behind them. So where should you be planning your next great European adventure?




Home of the Moomins, Finland has so much to offer that people just aren’t grasping. It is a Nordic country, just like Norway and Sweden, and as such it has a lot of forest to offer. It’s great for a relaxing holiday or to pick up some amazing natural sights. The Northern Lights (or the Aurora Borealis) can be viewed from Finland as it can most Nordic countries, but the surroundings that you will be in offer something to behold. The seasons in Finland are true – so you have hot summers and cold, snowy winters, meaning you’ll really need to think about what you want and what you can get from your trip dependent on the month that you pick.




Scotland is often missed out in favour of going to England to visit London, but it has just as much culture to offer you. The capital city, Edinburgh, is home to the famous Edinburgh Castle, which hosts the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo each year – a great display of camaraderie and military spirit with performances such as music and fire shows. Pandas famously live here in the zoo, and they have a great breeding program established to keep this magical species alive. To add to this, you have to try the haggis, even if to say you’ve done it – you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it…




Belgium is becoming more popular, Bruges in particular, due to certain films being set on location here. It is a beautiful place and one that is filled with old characteristic buildings, beautiful canals and rivers and, most importantly of all, chocolate. Nobody does chocolate quite like the Belgians do, which is reason enough in itself to pay this place a visit. When planning your trip here or any other country inside the EU, you’ll need to look up the rules and regulations of travelling. Doing a quick google for more information is definitely the route to take. You need to make sure that you have everything in place, especially visa wise, if you are planning a trip across the ocean.




Most people seem to favour Spain over its neighbour Portugal, but there is little difference between the two countries in terms of climate. There are places of historical interest to visit, such as monasteries, palaces and medieval towers, and beaches galore for you to bathe yourself on. Way back when, Portugal had a massive maritime empire which dominated places such as Sri Lanka (most of architectural influences over there can relate back to the Portuguese even still), so it was a big deal. Alas, it is now often forgotten about, but it has to be wondered why when it genuinely has so much to offer.

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