The Land of 1000 Islands – Sailing in Croatia

A land steeped in magic and mystery, a thousand Islands floating in a perfect azure ocean, fragrant herb-strewn mountains and sun-dabbled glades in pristine woodlands, craggy rocks and perfect beaches of sand or pebbles. A world of adventure and relaxation, with good food and better company. It all sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But you will find all this and more in the Croatian Islands of the Adriatic. So, whether you are a complete beginner or a keen sailor why not consider a sailing holiday off the coast of wonderful Croatia?


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Croatia’s many islands can be reached from many points on the Croatian coast. The most common places from which to start your adventure are the historic cities of Zadar, Split or Dubrovnik, though there are other options in the many towns that are threaded along the sea shore like a string of pearls. Which you will choose to set sail from will depend on what exactly you want from your holiday and which islands you choose to visit.

Whether you want a family holiday with buckets and spades, a variety of cultural excursions, to let-loose with friends, kindle, rekindle or celebrate a romance, have an active adventure of adrenaline boosting fun, watch wildlife and commune with nature or simply let go and relax completely in the sun, Croatia could be the perfect country for you. Whether you stick with the crowds or prefer to forge your own path, chartering a boat (or setting sail in your own if you are lucky enough to own one) can give you the freedom to do exactly what you want to do and go exactly where you want to go. What is more, you will be able to do so at your own pace, at no one else’s beck and call.


Why not head for celebrity favourite Hvar, or beautiful Brac, hike on volcanic Vis, cycle on Solta or indulge in the relaxed natural environment of the Brijuni islands, the Kornati islands or the Elafiti islands, whose unspoiled shorelines are beautiful to behold? Croatian islands have something special for everybody. From the over 1000 islands, one got a special attention from the world – the island Galesnjak. It is also known as the most heart-shaped island in the world, which is why the locals call him the “Island of Love”. He got a big world wide attention in 2009 when people discovered him on Google Earth. Since then, many tourist take a day trip to the island with their special someone to share a romantic moment. The island is completely empty and privately owned, which is why you should contact the owner before heading out to the island to get his blessing.


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You can charter a vessel with a crew if you are inexperienced or have never sailed before, though for a true free adventure it can be fun to manage it all yourself. There are many beginner sailing tips that will help you through but basically, when it comes to sailing, all you can really do is get out there and give it ago. In no time you will find your confidence and your sea legs and be happy to hire a yacht and take off into the wide blue yonder. Imagine leaving the port behind and setting sail on your own personal adventure, the sun glinting on the waves which wash your troubles away and out past the horizon.

Rovinj: Historische Stadt in Istrien - Kroatien

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Croatia’s many islands truly are magical, especially when you find a secret cove or a perfect picnic spot and find yourself alone with only the sea birds and other wildlife for company. Imagine a sun-drenched shoreline and clear seas to bathe in; imagine rolling hills of lavender, the scent filling the air on a sultry afternoon; imagine sipping a glass of local wine as you watch a sublime sunset over a calm ocean; imagine hiking on a volcanic mountain with staggering views, imagine hillsides of herbs wafting their scent down over the flower-filled dining terrace; imagine love; imagine beauty; imagine paradise. This is your sailing holiday, these are the Croatian Islands.

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