The Isle Of Wight, Why It’s The Best Place To Take Your Kids On Vacation

Most keen travelers will agree that it is much easier to travel light: the minimum luggage and preferably on your own or with a fellow like-minded traveler who won’t hinder you on your way. Many people think that travelling is for single people or at least childless couples. So as soon as your family starts growing in numbers, you put your travelling ambitions on hold. Or do you?

Well, actually it might be even more fun to travel with your kids, than alone or in adult company. Because their excitement and thrill will be your reward for all the extra planning and carrying that you will have to do.


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 It is almost too often that you don’t get to spend enough time with your family. Don’t you wish that you could have some quality time with your loved ones? These days it’s quite easy to plan and book your trip and you can find enough to do whether you are looking for some Christmas magic or summer activities for families.

Here is another great place you could have a lovely time with the little ones: the Isle of Wight, a little island south of the British Isles. Perhaps you have heard of it in connection with the music festival but it’s perfect for families as if it were created especially for that purpose as it has all you need: stunning views, fun theme parks, ancient castles and Roman settlements filled with interactive displays.

A few days there will provide you with  many wonderful memories: a walk at Shanklin Chine with all the magnificent waterfalls and winding footpaths; a thrilling chairlift ride from the top of the cliff to Alum Bay Beach


The Needles


or ‘the Isle of Wight Pearl’ centre where kids can have fun catching an oyster in a tank and then have the pearl from it in a personalised gift box.

At the Alum Bay Glass studio the glass making show is fascinating and you can see how some humble material like sand can be turned into beautiful things: colourful vases, bowls, cups, plates and animal figurines. And you can buy them there to as a souvenir.

If your little people are dinosaur fans then you must take them to the Hanover Point where an impressive track of dinosaur foot casts is exposed in the rock. The Isle of Wight is known as a “Dinosaur Island” due to the most number of dinosaur fossils in Europe.

There are so many activities that there is bound to be something for everyone, whether it is mountain biking or snorkelling; the limits of where you can travel are always expanding- seize the chance now, while you still have. So go on, it doesn’t matter where it is or what you are doing, go for it.

A family holiday is a great opportunity to bond with the most important people in your life. Don’t throw away such a precious chance to do something with your family, even if it is as short as a day in New York or simply taking a long hike through the countryside.





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