The Best of The East: Five Things You Simply Have to Do in China

China is one of the most fascinating and exciting destinations in the world. Rich in both history and culture, this beautiful country boasts more attractions than you could ever experience in one go. It’s fortunate then that there are several things that you to do while in China that you definitely will not want to miss out on.


1. Walk Along The Great Wall



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Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. It may not be visible from space, but that doesn’t stop The Great Wall of China from being one of the most spectacular sights on planet earth. More than 13,000 miles long, The Great Wall is the jewel in China’s crown. Perfect, whether you’re looking to experience the gorgeous architecture, breathtaking views or rich history. The Great Wall’s place among the ‘New Wonders of The World’ is well deserved.


2. Cruise The Yangtze River



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For those looking to absorb the real beauty of China’s landscape, there are few views better than from the Yangtze River. No matter which part of this 3720-mile long river you find yourself, you’re sure to see something amazing. Rural villages, ancient sites and the beautiful peaks of Qinghai can all surround it. Taking one of the cruises down the river allows you to absorb the beauty in comfort and luxury. Click here for more information on China Escorted touring holidays.


3. Visit The Temple of Heaven



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Where better to experience traditional Chinese culture than at the holiest of Beijing’s imperial temples? This incredible architectural masterpiece is the perfect place to spend an early morning. You can witness locals doing exercises outside the temple and even get involved with a Tai Chi class. And, of course, there are tours available to teach you the rich history of this remarkable temple.


4. Experience The Bund



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On the complete opposite end of what China has to offer there is The Bund. Known as ‘The Museum of Buildings,’ the pride of Shanghai features an astonishing variety of architecture. Within these remarkable buildings, are a variety of museums, galleries, and attractions. The Bund is also the perfect way to experience the lifestyle of local people. From those doing their morning exercises to families enjoying time in Huangpu Park, this is the heart of one of China’s most thriving cities.


5. Have your heart melted by the Giant Pandas



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Perhaps one of the most recognisable symbols of China there is, the adorable giant pandas are an absolute must see. These beautiful, tragically endangered animals are only found outside of captivity in China. While most wild panda reserves are closed to travelers, there are still plenty of places to see them. The best places to find giant pandas are around Chengdu in Sichuan Province. Chengdu is near to Dujiangyan Base, which is the only place that allows visitors to get up close and personal with the Pandas.


While there are more things to see and do in China than you would believe, these five are the ones that any self-respecting traveler has to do at least once. For your first trip to this amazing country, make sure these are on your itinerary


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