Thailand’s Best Kept Secret!

When you think of Thailand, it’s easy to think about its vibrant capital Bangkok. After all, it’s one of the most visited cities in the world for its great nightlife, busy street markets, and amazing temples. Or you may have heard of Pattaya which is fantastic to go to for its party lifestyle! But actually, there is a lot more to Thailand that you might not know about it. It’s islands, which are situated off the coast of Thailand, are simply breathtaking with white sanded beaches and crystal blue waters. And the hostels are great to stay at while you are on your travels. Therefore, here are some of the most beautiful islands in Thailand which are definitely it’s best kept secret.


Ko Samet


One of the top favorite islands in Thailand is Ko Samet. A lot of tourists head to the island as it’s a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the rest of Thailand. After all, with a national park and white sanded beaches, it’s definitely a place which oozes relaxation. And there are many hotels situated here which you can stay in before wandering to the beach day after day. And if sunbathing is not your thing, they have a wealth of watersports like windsurfing to try your hand at. And if you love a good party, you can find areas on the islands like Ao Hin Khok perfect for its nightlife!  You can read more about this island and other beautiful ones in this article.


Koh Chang


Another one of the gorgeous islands situated on the Thailand Gulf Coast is Koh Chang. It’s actually one of the largest with so much to see and do. In fact, if you want to enjoy rainforests as well as beaches, Koh Chang Island is the right place to visit. For starters, you can enjoy the white sanded beaches which lead to the crystal blue waters. White Sand Beach is one of the most popular; you will find a wealth of tourists here. And the sea is great there for diving and kayaking. And then when it comes to the rainforests, you can do a spot of elephant trekking or even hiking which are both experiences you will never forget! Therefore, find a hotel on the stunning island to ensure you have an amazing time while traveling.


Koh Phi Phi


Another island which is most known for being in films like The Beach starring Leonardo Dicaprio is Koh Phi Phi. The stunning island is definitely one for travelers with so much to do and see. For example, you can enjoy a spot of diving and snorkeling to get a closer look at the beautiful marine life. Or you can spend the days sunning yourself on one of the amazing white sanded beaches. The people on Koh Phi Phi are definitely ready to party too. You will struggle to find a night where beach bars aren’t crowded with people in the party mood! And you will definitely make friends if you visit this beautiful island.



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And here is some information about the other glorious islands including Koh Lanta. Definitely a must for your bucket list.

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