Why you should get an InterRail Pass

If you’re thinking of exploring Europe I can’t recommend the InterRail pass enough. The InterRail Pass is a ticket which allows you to travel throughout Europe’s rail network and also on some ferries. Not only is it a really cheap way of getting around, but it also enables you to be flexible with your travel.

There are loads of different ticket options available, but I bought the Global Pass when I travelled around Europe last year which cost £382 for one month. It was definitely worth it – with this option I could travel every day for a month on domestic and international trains. It was great being able to hop on and off trains without the hassle of queuing for tickets.

It is worth bearing in mind that some trains do require reservations. These are usually the long distance or overnight trains so it’s worth checking before you travel. The reservations usually only cost a few euros. If you’re taking an overnight train it’s worth paying a little extra for a proper bed. It might sound obvious but although a standard seat ticket is much cheaper, it’s absolute hell having to sit upright in a cabin with 5 other people all night (as I found when I took the 11 hour overnight train from Vienna to Venice!)

There are also cheaper options of the Global Pass available if you choose to shorten your stay or only travel for a set amount of days. If you’re only planning on exploring one country then the aptly named One Country Pass is the best option. All the prices for the various types of tickets can be found on the InterRail website. Anyone who’s planning an InterRail trip should spend some time looking through this site as it has all the information you need for planning your trip. You can also have a look and see what additional benefits your InterRail Pass can give you such as discounts on ferry travel, hotels and attractions. The RailEurope website is great for researching train times and reservation prices as well.

I can’t think of any better way to explore Europe on a budget. I’ll be going on my next InterRail trip later this year so keep your eyes peeled for advice on planning your own InterRail trip!

Amsterdam train station

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