Sunny Spain – What To Do, What To Experience

If you’re feeling that now is the time for a wondrous new holiday, then look no further than sunny Spain. Spain has some of the most wonderful beaches and nightlife found anywhere in Europe of course, but you’d be remiss to forget the cultural and historical significance of this wonderful country.



We have compiled a list of the most excellent and exciting things you can do in Spain, so upon choosing this as your destination, save this article and use it as your guide. No matter if you’re hoping to attend with your friends, your family or simply by yourself, you can glean some value out of the excellent recommendations about to follow:


Find The Best Tapas


Tapas, a solely Spanish foundation method of eating, has taken immense popularity all across the world. However, if you truly want to enjoy a more authentic experience, heading to Spain is the place to be. Tapas bars exist all across the nation, but looking for it at its most wholesome is best. Of course, Barcelona attracts some of the best and most skilled tapas chef’s, and often they solely specialize in this form of cooking. It’s quite something to experience a tapas menu lovingly crafted by someone who has made that the discipline of their entire life. It’s likely that upon first taste, the tapas you have eaten at home in your local restaurant will seem like pretend rubber food.


The best tapas restaurants bar none in the sunny city of Barcelona are Quimet i Quimet, El 58 and La Esquinica, all located within the centralized environment of the mid-city limits, allowing for easy access. The best part about tapas is that you can sample many different dishes over the course of one day in different restaurants, giving you a complete taste of Spain, which is often very hard to replicate in many other countries. For the foodies among you, this should be considered an absolute must.


Experience A Holiday Resort


Holiday homes and resorts are often beautiful no matter where you go, but in Spain, they are something else. Due to the popularity of select tourist destinations, an absolutely thriving tourist accommodation scene has sprung up around the most popular locations. This doesn’t mean that you need to go for the budget hotels, as a wonderful inclusive experience can be found which provides you with so many amenities it can be hard to take it all in. Better yet, checking for holiday apartments in Spain can give you that privacy which you and your family may seriously require to experience a wonderful time in this golden country on your own, no-pressure terms.


In a country of immense summer tourist populations, this space to think can help you enjoy your time here to a much-expanded degree.



Gaudi, famous architect extraordinaire has an exciting amount of his work on display in Parc Guell. His work is often very interesting to see, especially among cultural buffs, as his work often celebrates and displays nature in ways not often seen in architecture since. Checking out the beauty of this architecture can fill several weeks, but often visiting the most pressing of his buildings through an arranged tour guide can give you a wonderful day of historical significance, perhaps providing you with artistic or creative inspiration, if that of course is what you are looking for.


Take Dance Classes


Of course, Spanish culture is dancing culture. Not only did Spain innovate and master certain dancing styles such as the Salsa and the Flamenco, but they pretty much have the monopoly on passionate and romantic dance attitude. If you’re here with a partner, especially on honeymoon, then why not take a crash course in both of these dancing styles together? Not only are they a tremendous amount of low-pressure fun, but you might actually learn a few moves which you can bust out when your friends least expect it.


Through this discipline, you may learn a little more about Spanish culture than you ever thought. After all, when in Spain, dance like the Spaniards do.


La Tomatina


For those who aren’t a fan of tomatoes, you should steer well clear of this environment. For those who love them, heading to La Tomatina, the world renowned and arguably the most fun food fight festival in the world could provide you with plenty of fun. Once a year a massive crowd gathers to hurl tomatoes at each other and revel in the silliness of it all. Not only this, but the route is largely planned around access to some of the best bars in Valencia. Of course, this most likely brings much hesitancy to those responsible for cleaning the bars, but you can’t deny that the whole affair is plenty of fun.


If you’re looking to release some steam, and simply don’t feel like contributing to the expat or holiday crowd places such as Ibiza and Magaluf attract, then finding a better venue such as this to express yourself can work wonders.




One of the most significant events on the summer calendar, Benicassim is a festival of global importance. Massive headliners of worldwide fame steal the show here, and the wonderful and luxurious surroundings make this festival stand out. It’s the one show that you can almost guarantee will have wonderful weather to experience. If you have a heavy appreciation for music, this could be the place that really helps you nurture that love of attending festivals. People who attend this festival often find that they go back year after year, and the common cultural meme is that ‘when you go Benicassim, you keep coming back.’ Why not give it a try yourself with a group of friends, and see just how it compares to the festivals in your home country? It could just be that beautiful music sounds even better when coupled with a beautiful climate.


With these tips, you will be sure to explore Spain in all of its glory. Of course, there are many excellent cities and small towns to visit, but ticking off these considerations on your first visit will give you a solid and beginners understanding of what Spain has to offer, from which you can diversify further. When you do, it’s likely that coming back to this location will be a habit of yours year after year.




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