Sun, sea and a volcano: Tenerife’s Mount Teide

Tenerife is a great place to visit if you want to soak up a little sun, sand and sangria. It has great beaches, a vibrant nightlife and delicious food. But when you’ve had enough of partying and sunbathing why not explore Tenerife’s volcano, Mount Teide? It’s the perfect way to burn off some of that holiday indulgence, get some fresh air and see some amazing sights! Plus, if you like an energetic holiday then this could be the trip for you.


The volcano is safe to visit – it’s currently dormant and last erupted back in 1909, but that’s not to say another one couldn’t happen again in the future. In fact, some studies suggest that the next time Mount Teide erupts it is likely to be a violent eruption. However, scientists should be able to give an advanced warning if this were ever to happen.

The ascent to the summit of the volcano is long and unforgiving. You could hike to the top if you wanted but be prepared to leave several hours for the climb. The area surrounding Mount Teide is a National Park and consists of around 18,900 hectares of land. It’s one of the most popular National Parks in the world with around 2.8million visitors each year – great for nature-lovers.

If you don’t fancy hiking it, there is a road which twists and turns up to the top of Mount Teide so it’s possible to drive or take an excursion there instead. On the way up you’ll get some fabulous views of the island. Although it may be shorts and t-shirt weather at the bottom, you would be wise to pack a warm jacket and sturdy footwear. As you approach the top you’ll feel the air getting colder. You’ll find a couple of cafes on the way up but don’t expect rows upon rows of souvenir shops and restaurants. The prize is getting to the top and seeing the amazing landscape.


Many people compare the summit to a Martian landscape. There is a distinctive green colouring and lots of cool rock formations. You can take a cable car right to the very top but it’s not essential to make the most of the view. If you pick a clear day to visit you should be able to get some great views of the island although at that height (3,700m) you can expect a few clouds.


You’ll also find a gift shop where you can stock up on as many souvenirs as you want. There’s the usual postcards and tacky ornaments as well as pumice stone and jewellery made from volcanic gems.

If you don’t fancy making the trip yourself, book an excursion through one of the local booking offices and have a coach take you up there. There are lots of things to do in Tenerife but Mount Teide is definitely worth it for the view and makes a change from sitting on the beach all day. Although, after such an energetic day trip you might be happy to sit on the beach with a sangria and relax a little!


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