Sprinkle Some Magic on Your Summer Travels



You can wait for a trip tothe Christmas markets of Europe to sprinkle some magic on your year, or you could do it a lot sooner. The festive season isn’t the only time of the year when you can surround yourself with magic, you can so in the summer too! The summertime doesn’t just have to be about holidays in front of the pool or those that are spent sunbathing — there are a whole host of magical things to do in the months of summer all over the world.



First of all, the subject of magical holidays can’t be discussed without mentioning a Disney vacation! If you’re tired of doing the ‘adult’ thing and spending two weeks in front of a pool somewhere recuperating before you have to go back to work, why not do something different with your time off this year and channel your inner child? And even if all his talk of releasing your inner child and magic isn’t doing anything for you, you can rest assured that here are a whole host of reasons why adults should go to Walt Disney World. One of which is that it is a thrill ride hotspot — there are the likes of Expedition Everest, Space Mountain, Mission Space and the Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster for all your adrenaline junkies to enjoy. There is also Epcot, which is full of extravagant entertainment and exhibits, as well as superb shopping facilities. If you want to make some spell-binding savings on a trip to Disney, and make sure that your accommodation is itself just as magical as all the attractions on offer, then make sure to view this special offer. Mickey and co. are just waiting to welcome you and your family to their home, and it would be rude to keep them waiting.


And on your quest to find that perfect magical break, you can hop across the pond to the UK and head straight for London in order to pay a visit to The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour. You can visit one of the capital’s top attractions and see see the magic behind the magic in regards to how the Harry Potter film franchise was brought to life so vividly and, well, magically. It is a great day out for kids and big kids alike; even those that didn’t like the franchise, but are general movie lovers, will be able to appreciate the work that went into making the films such a success; so it’s well worth organising a break with this tour as the focal point, of which there are package deals aplenty. And once you’re done there, you can take to visiting one of the most magically breathtaking cities that the world has to offer: the city of London.




Warner Bros. Studio Tour


There are some magical destinations to travel to and visit all over the globe, so it’s probably time you jumped on your broomstick or booted up the old flying carpet and got on your way!


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