Sharks And Whales: Do They Get Along?


Sharks and whales rarely get along. In fact, different types of either creatures serve as prey to the other; if the obvious biological difference was not enough, that sharks are fish and whales are mammals of the sea. Sharks are ancient beings too, while whales are more of newbies (they have been around for half the time fish have in more or less same territory as the sharks.) Here is how it works.

Sharks Preying on Whales

Sharks prey on whales when whales start migrating up north during the winters. Tiger sharks and great whites usually follow groups of humpback whales and calves migrating towards protected bay and attack one in groups. When a shark bites into the mammal, it bleeds out all the way, even when it escapes, which signals other sharks towards the prey.

Whales Preying on Sharks

Killer whales are probably the only kind of whale that eats mako sharks and some other species of the fish. When they are hunting sharks, these whales always end with flipping the shark upside down, regardless of how they attack the shark. The thing with being flipped over is that when a shark is flipped over, it goes into the state of tonic immobility where they are unable to fight back. This means that killer whales are smart as they exploit the weakness of their enemies. They might not know what it is really, but they understand that an upside down shark equals a defeated shark.

What is the Killer Whale Like

Also referred to as Orca, a killer whale can reach the size of 32 feet and can weigh up to 9 tons. Females, on the other hand, are 23 feet in length and only weigh 4 tons. They can swim up to 3-4 miles in an hour. Whales have large conical teeth which they use to capture and tear their prey. Their diets are different based on their population. In the North Pacific, the resident killer whales eat fish, including sharks, while transient killer whales prey on mammals, including the humpback whale. Killer whales work together on a hunt; marine experts have noticed mothers teaching their young how to hunt, for example, making waves to wash seals off floating ice.

What is a Great White Shark Like

Great white sharks are easily able to reach the length of over 20 feet and weigh more than 5,000 pounds. They swim at speeds of 15 miles every hour. Sharks are also the biggest predators in the world; their razor sharp teeth are more than 2.5 inches long, which they use to rip big chunks off their prey. The great white feeds on fish and small marine mammals, including sea lions, seals, and dolphins. Occasionally, sharks also prey on crustaceans, mollusks, and sea turtles. Sharks are solitary creatures and unlike whales, hunt alone or with another shark.

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