Seven activities which are only acceptable while travelling


The life of a backpacker is unique and exciting. It gives you an opportunity to escape the humdrum of everyday life, meet new people and experience new things. However, although the Facebook photos of you posing in front of some famous landmark or drinking with the locals may seem to epitomise the backpacker lifestyle, there are certain things which people back home just might not understand. Have a read and imagine what it would be like if life was like this ALL THE TIME.


1. Washing your underwear in the sink

You’re not at home now; there’s no fabric softener, washer-dryer or ironing board to give you a fresh set of clothes every day. Unless you are lucky enough to find a hostel with a washing machine you might have to accept the fact that this is what ‘doing your laundry’ means for you now.


2. Having sex in a bunk bed…in a dorm full of people

Either you’ve done it or you’ve been unfortunate enough to experience it. Seriously, where else would you find yourself in that situation?


3. Not knowing what’s going on in the world

Ironically, travelling can make you very out of touch with the world. You might not have regular access to the TV or Internet and newspapers may very well be in a different language. It’s only when you log on to Facebook to upload those cool snaps that you’re news feed tells you everything you need to know.


4. Getting sick way more than normal

You’ve avoided the tap water like your life depends on it and turned down those tempting street food sellers but still the stomach bug appears. Back home you would have taken the day off work, maybe called your mum to come and look after you, but here you take it all in your stride. You’re unstoppable.


5. Eating crisps for breakfast and alcohol for dinner

Your mealtimes are completely messed up. You don’t even know what proper meals are anymore. Your diet consists of crisps or whatever you can cook in the hostel microwave. Your mother would not be pleased…


6. You have a braid in your hair and/or symbolic tattoo

Maybe you’ve even got yourself a toe ring or a gypsy skirt. How about a bandana? You may not notice the transformation at first but when you’re trying to decide which pair of flip-flops will look best for your hostel bar crawl, you know it’s begun.


7. Getting shouted at by locals

How were you supposed to know you had to PAY to use the public toilet or make sure you had a ticket BEFORE boarding the train? You learn as you go along.

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