Scrumptious Sydney: The Foods That You Just Have To Taste

For any traveller with foodie tendencies, one of the most important parts of any trip is getting an authentic taste of the cuisine on offer. Because when you taste authentic cuisine from a country, you get a better understanding of the place, its culture and heritage, and its people. So, whether you’re heading to Europe or to New Zealand, it’s important to take the time to find out what the must-try foods are beforehand so that you can get an authentic taste of what the country has to offer.


While each country has its own unique cuisine, often each city has it’s own food style too. So it’s not just a case of looking into the food that’s on offer in the country that you’re heading to, such as Australia, it’s also important to research what the city you’re visiting, such as Sydney, has to offer in terms of authentic cuisine. Thinking of heading to Sydney soon? Here’s a guide to all the foods that you just have to try while you’re there.





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Both Australia and New Zealand claim to have invented pavlova and have, many times, nearly come to blow over it. Regardless of who’s invention, this delicious dessert was, it’s become a big part of Australian cuisine and is a must-try while you’re there. Until you’ve tried an Australian pavlova, you’ve never lived. You can’t beat the soft gooey meringue, lashings of whipped cream, and array of fresh fruit of an authentic Australian pavlova. To try this dessert in all its glory, the best places to go are Ester or Icebergs Dining Room and Bar – both serve incredible pavlovas.


Anzac biscuits


Anzac biscuits are Australia’s patriotic and historical biscuit and an important part of Australian culture. Created during World War Two to send out to the troops serving in Europe, these are similar to Scottish oatcakes but have the addition of treacle added to them, hardening them. You can pick these up in any supermarket in Sydney but for an authentic taste head to a small cafe where you can enjoy a homemade Anzac biscuit with your coffee.


Thai food



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The fantastic thing about Australian cuisine is that it’s incredibly multicultural, with restaurants and eateries throughout the country putting their own spin on dishes from other countries and cultures. Australians love Thai food, they are also big lovers of pie, which is why one of the foods that you have to taste while you’re in Sydney is green chicken pie – a combination of Thai green curry and pie. Noodles are another incredibly popular Thai dish that you have to try while you are in Sydney. One of the best places for great Thai food is Rouse Hill street noodle bar. A word to the wise, a lot of Thai noodle dishes contain nuts, so if you’ve got allergies make sure to double check what’s in your dish of choice before ordering.




It makes sense that the BBQ capital of the world would know a thing or two about burgers, doesn’t it? They say that when it comes to burgers, you haven’t had a real burger until you’ve tried on from Sydney. Due to the popularity of burgers, Sydney is home to an array of burger restaurants and street stalls, so there’s plenty of options when it comes to where to eat. For one of the best burger’s in Sydney, Rockpool Bar and Grill is the place to go – it was rated the best burger bar in the entire country.


Sydney is an incredible city and one that has a lot on offer to see and do, but the thing that it’s best for is its cuisine. When it comes to what’s on the menu, this is one amazing place.




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