Reasons to holiday abroad this Christmas

Tradition seems to dictate that we spend Christmas day at home surrounded by our family. Snow will be falling outside as you carve into a massive turkey and then spend the afternoon watching Christmas telly. Some of us would have this special day no different. However, if you fancy a bit of a change from the norm this year, why not consider spending Christmas abroad? There’s no reason why you have to spend Christmas doing the same thing every year, and you never know, you might end up starting a whole new tradition!

An excuse to get away from the cold weather

If you live somewhere cold (like the UK!) then you probably wouldn’t grumble too much about jetting off to a destination which is hot and sunny. Although the chocolate box image of Christmas is of a white, snow-filled land this doesn’t mean you can’t spend your Christmas on the beach – the Aussies do it! The dreaded Christmas jumper no longer has to make an appearance as you swap your festive woollies for shorts and a t-shirt! Plus you can arrive back home with a nice-looking tan.

It makes Christmas Day more special

The build up to Christmas can sometimes mean that Christmas Day itself can feel a little bit of an anticlimax. However, spending your Christmas day abroad can add a whole new excitement to the festivities. You might end up spending the day with different people than you would do normally; perhaps you’ll make friends during your stay or take the holiday with your friends instead of your family.

Experience other Christmas traditions

Not everyone celebrates Christmas in the same way. If you travel to South Africa you’ll find that Christmas is celebrated by eating furry caterpillars called Gonimbrasia belina which are fried in oil! The Ukrainians decorate their trees with artificial spiders and cobwebs – a little different from the baubles and tinsel you might be used to! They consider finding a real spider on Christmas morning a symbol of good luck.

Save on Christmas arguments

Doing your own thing at Christmas means you don’t have to worry about which relatives to spend Christmas with, who’s going to do the cooking and whether your mum liked her present or not! Although we enjoy spending time with our loved ones, Christmas arguments do not fill us with festive cheer!

It’s a gift to yourself

Everybody needs a little treat every now and again. After hunting down presents for all your family and friends, it’s time for the generosity to extend to yourself! Of course, you could bring your friend or partner along too and then that’s two presents sorted!

Perhaps you don’t like Christmas altogether

With festive products and Christmas cards in the shops from about September it’s easy to get tired of all the hype surrounding Christmas. Surely it’s just another day after all? If that sounds like you then getting away from it all might be the perfect opportunity to avoid the whole thing altogether.

Where would you recommend travelling to this Christmas?


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