Planning a Wedding? Consider A Victorian Theme

Are you currently planning a wedding? With a Royal wedding on the horizon there is much speculation on what Meghan Markle will wear when marrying Prince harry and whether she will choose a traditional theme or opt for a more modern occasion.



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A theme can be crucial to the overall look and feel of a wedding and the nations love of the Downton Abbey series has created a love of all things victorian. Many brides are considering a Victorian theme for their wedding, which is unsurprising as there are few era’s in history that conjure up such elegance and romance.


What elements of the Victorian era could you implement into your wedding theme?



Your save the day cards and wedding invitations set the stage for the actual day. Your guests will get a taster of the theme of your wedding, helping to build anticipation. In the victorian era invitations were elegant and romantic. They would normally be printed on high quality white or cream paper and would be adorned with lavish accents of ribbons, cupids doves and flowers. Lace wedding invitations would fit the bill perfectly. Ensure the typography on your invitations is fitting to the era and illustrate the initial letter to the invitation, to that similarly found in an ornate fairytale book. Poetry was also popular – you could write your own poem, what could be more romantic!




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The location of your victorian themed wedding will be important, as to really create the right atmosphere, you need the right setting. A good choice of venue would be a mansion house or hotel, with ornate well manicured gardens. The victorians loved fountains, sculptures and rose gardens, your photos would look amazing! Of course the weather may not be conducive to taking tea on the lawn, so the inside of your venue is just as important. A ballroom or large function room decorated in a Victorian theme would be ideal, you could add your own touches to create an authentic look.


All this sounds a little expensive, however you could opt for a cheaper option that is just as romantic by creating a Victorian tea party in your own garden. Lots of china tea sets and an abundance of roses would really set the scene for a Victorian garden party.


The dress



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Your choice of dress is the most crucial part of any brides wedding day and is also the most fun. Opting for a Victorian styled wedding dress gives many options, but you don’t have to worry about the choice of colour, as it was traditionally white. The victorians celebrated the female form, especially early in the era – think corset tops and full skirts. Later in the era mutton sleeves were fashionable. Whichever style you choose, it won’t be subtle and you are sure to be the focus of the day – as it should be. The dresses were adorned with lace, bows, silk and most brides chose to wear a veil as did Queen Victoria on her marriage to Albert.


You could consider sourcing a vintage wedding dress direct from the Victorian era or buy one specially designed. Let your imagination run wild as you embrace the opulence and romance. Most of all have fun!


What will Meghan Markle choose?


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