Old Jameson Distillery, Dublin


You can’t visit Dublin without taking a trip to the Old Jameson Distillery set in the heart of the city. Here you can relive the John Jameson and Sons’ journey through the decades to create the whiskey which Ireland is famous for.

The attraction is set in the site of the original distillery which was founded in 1780. The current distillery is now located in Cork where there’s more room for expansion and closer to the barley farmers.


Jameson Distillery is a guided tour which runs approx every 30 minutes. At busy times its worth booking in advance (or getting a Dublin Pass which gives you fast track entry into several attractions). As you step into the foyer you are greeted by an impressive bar and chandeliers made from Jameson bottles.


The tour takes you through the long process (usually between 3-7 years) to create a bottle of Jameson Whiskey. Although I’m not a massive whiskey drinker, the tour was really interesting. You learn about all the different things which can impact on the flavour, the process of triple distilling, the barrels used etc.


The tour even includes a tasting session where you sample three whiskies, Jameson, a best-selling American whisky and a best-selling Scottish whiskey. The guide talks you through the different flavours and the fact that the Jameson has a ‘smoother’ taste thanks to being triple distilled. There’s also an opportunity to get your own Whiskey Tasting Certificate.


The tour finishes with a complimentary drink of either neat whiskey or a Jameson cocktail.

Of course, you can always get a memento of your experience at the gift shop which has all the usual souvenirs such as glassware, t-shirts etc as well as some premium bottles of Jameson. The 12 year Jameson Distillery Reserve can only be purchased at the distillery and you can also get it personalised.


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