My thoughts on Tower Bridge Travelodge, Central London


As most of you will know, hostels are normally my standard choice for accommodation when I’m travelling, but this time there were no bunk beds in sight. It was quite a treat! This weekend I spent a couple of nights in London staying at Travelodge’s Tower Bridge hotel.

As with any London accommodation, location is a big consideration. If, like me, you want to do all the touristy stuff then you want to make sure you’re fairly central. The Tower Bridge Travelodge turned out to be ideal. Rather than fumbling around with a map and inevitably getting pretty lost as I usually do, when I hopped off the train at Tower Bridge, the Travelodge was just round the corner. It was also only a few minutes from Tower Hill tube station which made it really easy to get around.


Of course, you only need to take a few steps down the road and you can see Tower Bridge in all its glory. The big appeal for me was being able to go and see the poppies around the Tower’s moat first thing in the morning before all the crowds arrived. It was also nice to have a wander around St Katherine’s Dock and check out all the bars and restaurants there.


As for the hotel itself, I was pleasantly surprised. The reception staff were friendly and happy to help. My room was clean and had everything I could need – a comfy bed, tea, coffee, a TV, full length mirror and a nice hot shower. The only thing I would have liked to see is some separate shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom – I’m not a fan of the hair/body wash combo which was on the wall!


I’d heard that the noise might be a bit of an issue with the hotel being so central. I guess it depends how much of a light sleeper you are. I could hear the trains going past but to be honest I didn’t think it was too bad. The bed was massive and very comfortable so I was happy enough.

After a refreshing night’s sleep it was time to experience breakfast!

It’s always good to have a nice breakfast to set you up for a day of sightseeing. On offer was a hot buffet with sausages, scrambled eggs, bacon and beans (sausages were delish). There was also a selection of cereal and yoghurt as well. I’m an early bird so I liked the fact that breakfast was served from 7am. As far as breakfasts go, there were no frills but it was tasty and did the job!


The restaurant also served evening meals and drinks throughout the day. Although I didn’t have chance to try it out the prices looked reasonable and it would have been good for those days where you just want to eat somewhere convenient rather than trailing around trying to find somewhere.


I found out that there were also quite a few extras you can add onto your room. Wi-fi is free for the first 30 minutes but if you pay £3 you can get 24 hours worth of internet. You could also pay an extra £10 to be able to check out at 2pm instead of 12pm.

Overall, I was very happy with the experience of my first Travelodge stay. It really depends on what you want to get out of your accommodation. Of course, some people visit London for a luxurious weekend treat but personally, I just wanted somewhere clean and comfortable where I could rest my head while I explored London – and it suited me just fine!

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