Must-see attraction: Froggyland, Split (Croatia)

I was looking through my photos of when I was in Croatia a few weeks ago and completely forgot about this little gem we found when we were in Split. We were actually on our way for a meal out (and were STARVING) but then we saw a sign for a ‘world famous’ stuffed frog museum. After doing a bit of a double take, curiosity got the better of us and we decided to have a peek. Apparently it had been recommended by Trip Advisor so there must be something worth looking at.


As we stepped inside we were greeted by unnerving music and a young blonde woman who began to tell us about Froggyland whilst wearing the most serious, straight-laced face I’ve ever seen. These frogs were no joke. They were over a hundred years old and had been painstakingly positioned and preserved in everyday HUMAN situations. We couldn’t actually see the frogs at this point as the display was on the other side of a velvet curtain.


We stepped out and decided to take a few minutes to consider whether we should venture into the museum. Did we really want to look at 507 stuffed frogs? My vegetarian friend was actually slightly more eager than me. It’s certainly not something you see every day. Surely it wouldn’t hurt to see what it was all about?


So, we returned to Froggyland, paid our 20K each and stepped behind the velvet curtain. The place was deserted apart from the weird music and the glass cases filled with frogs. The creativity and patience of the guy who made them had to be applauded. Apparently he collected all the frogs from a nearby pond and stuffed them (although nobody knows how he did it). The first cabinet showed a school setting with a large teacher frog standing in front of a class of little frogs, each with their own desk.


Another cabinet showed a war scene with some frogs missing limbs and fighting each other. There was a circus scene with gymnast frogs balancing on top of each other and there was even a froggy dentist surgery. As we walked around the museum I started to feel increasingly queasy. I wouldn’t normally get squeamish about this kind of thing but there was something about seeing so many frogs manipulated into different positions, some with bits cut off, which I found more than a little bit creepy.


The guy who made these obviously had a lot of time on his hands and was strangely obsessive about frogs. After the experience was over we stepped outside for some well needed fresh air. It took a while for us to take in what we had just seen. Needless to say, that evening meal didn’t seem so appealing after that.


So, if you’re ever in Split, have a few minutes to spare and don’t have a weak stomach I would recommend Froggyland just for the novelty factor. Just make sure you go AFTER you’ve eaten and not before.

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