Monkey Around In Japan


Japan in a stunning country full of mystery, history and rich in culture.  It is a really diverse country where you can be a part of modern, high tech life in the capital city of Tokyo or surrounded by temples and wonder in the old capital of Kyoto.


One of the most incredible experiences you can enjoy here is by spending some time with the country’s wild monkeys.  With plenty of opportunity to view the white monkeys bathing or enjoying their relaxing days.  Over 100 wild monkeys live in Mt Iwata which is in a park located near the Togetsukyo Bridge.  A 20 minute trek to the viewing platform at the top of the mountain will give you incredible views of Kyoto City and also you will be able to feed the monkeys.  Arguably these human like creatures are the most photogenic in the world and our famed for their laid back appearance and beautiful eyes.  It is a must for animal lovers!


Heading away from the park and into Kyoto city you will get to grips with the ancient way of life in Japan.  This is the home of the Buddhist temples and whilst there are many over the country, Kyoto holds some of the most historically relevant.  It’s really worth having a guide of the area and if you get online you will some brilliant japan tours in 2017 well worth booking in advance to ensure you get the best from the former capital city.  You will be absorbed by the colour and richness in the street and love the old markets and traditional buildings.  If you come between February and April you will see the blossom in full bloom, this is a once in a lifetime sight that will stay with you and truly help you find a little inner peace.


If you are after a little more excitement, Tokyo has it all.  A beautiful skyline covered in rooftop bars and nightclubs.  There is a huge pop culture here so you can be sure to uncover some pretty eccentric music and some very well dressed young ladies.  The men have sartorial style down to a tee and mix up a smart clean look with cool edgy vibes.  Whilst the Tokyo is one of the most populated cities on earth it isn’t very culturally diverse, this is great for tourists in some ways, you will be welcomed with love and passion, but can be difficult in others, such as getting your bearings when walking around.  You will love brightness of the city and the integration of technology on every corner! Vending machines take on a whole different meaning in the city.


Visiting Japan should be on everyone’s travel bucket list and is well worth a few visits to really soak up the full awesomeness of this ancient yet cuttingly modern country.  Just make sure you learn a few basics about the language and a little about the food, we have warned you!

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