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When it comes to heading out onto the mountain for a lovely afternoon whizzing down the slopes, most people are kind, courteous and will happily stop to help if you have a problem but as soon as the skis come off it’s like they’ve undergone a personality transplant! Après ski is a time honored tradition which means getting together to enjoy a drink, or two, a delicious meal, a few hours browsing ski gear in the resort mall or checking out the local nightclub. Mind you, there’s also an unwritten etiquette book and it’s all too easy to commit a post-piste faux pas!


Stash Gear Properly



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While some resorts have a ski in / out policy meaning that you can wear your skis inside restaurants, bars and cafes it’s much more common to see a sign that asks you to remove skis, and in some cases boots, before entering. You may not want to leave your designer poles outside, but leaving them next to your table is not only a health and safety hazard waiting to happen it’s just plain pretentious. Fellow skiers who know the biggest brands are already aware they’re cool but positioning them just so, so that the name catches the light will earn you a few hard stares. Just don’t do it. The same goes for any gear that can’t be stashed inside a free ski locker or at the rental place.




Casual Friday Everyday


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Your skiing outfit should be fairly casual, and by that, we mean whatever you’ve got on underneath your ski jacket, and salopettes needs to be warm enough to cope with the cold weather. It also needs to be suitable for being worn in public as people don’t think twice about stripping down to their thermal underwear, or microfleece layer instead of changing entirely. If you’re invited out for dinner leave the diamond earrings and LBD behind, you may be staying in a luxury ski chalet but a pair of skinny jeans, over knee leather boots or hiking shoes and a Nordic jumper, will be fine for most apres ski activities.


Don’t Hog Tables


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Ski resorts are very busy places, and the chances are that you won’t always be able to snag your favorite table in front of the fire. People start bar hopping from around mid-afternoon so if you’re there enjoying a hot chocolate and reading a novel at a table for six people do the decent thing and invite them to join you for a drink. Skiing isn’t just about the snow it’s also about socializing, so you never know who you’ll end up meeting by offering them a spare seat.


Know Your Limits



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Skiing takes place at high elevations which means that if you’re drinking a little more often than usual be aware that your hangover could be nastier than normal. Our bodies tend to react differently to alcohol drunk at altitude, don’t try to be the cool kid by downing eight pints of beer as chances are you’ll be immediately sick, and there’s nothing awesome about that. Use caution, don’t mix drinks and always have a glass of water between each beverage to give your body a fighting chance!



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