Living In Paris: What You Should Know

Many people have a dream of moving somewhere far away. Somewhere beautiful and full of culture. Somewhere they can really explore, grow as a person and get a ton of amazing stories to tell their grandchildren. Paris is a really popular place people say they want to move to. The reason for this varies. Sometimes it’s down to actually getting a job in Paris and needing to move, but sometimes it’s ‘just because’. If this is something you actually are considering, there are a few things you need to know first. Here’s what you should know about living in Paris:


French Dating Is A Totally Different Scene


If you want to move to Paris to meet the new love of your life, there’s a very good chance it will happen. Just bear in mind that French dating is a totally different scene. If you meet a French man and you quite like each other, they will naturally assume that you are now boyfriend and girlfriend. It can be quite awkward if you don’t make it clear that you’re not looking for anything like that.


Make The Most Of The Parks


Make sure you make the most of the parks in Paris. They are amazing. You can read here, relax, drink some wine…whatever you like. Many of them even have free Wi-fi!


Unemployment Is A Big Thing


Never move to Paris if you expect to find a job when you arrive. If you don’t have a job, it’ll be tough for you to find one here. Unemployment is unfortunately on the rise. Make sure you’re smart and you have enough cash behind you. Always look for opportunities before you take the leap.




It’s Expensive


Paris is expensive. You may or may not know that already; after all, it’s one of the most popular places to visit. Some people get a little confused though. Paris used to be a really cost effective place to visit, which is why it was so popular with budding artists who were trying to make it. It isn’t like that anymore, so make sure you have the cash you need to thrive here. Of course, luxury property in Paris is abundant!


You Should Probably Develop A Taste For Wine


Everybody drinks wine in Paris. Everybody. If you don’t have a taste for it, you should probably develop one. Hard liquors and spirits are looked at as trashy. This might seem absurd to you, but that’s how they look at it. Even homeless people drink wine.


No News Is Good News


If you do have a job secured here, that’s great! Just bear in mind they do it differently here too. In regards to progress reports, no news is good news. They are far more likely to pull you up on something you’ve done wrong than something they are pleased with. Bear that in mind and try to keep your own morale high if possible.


Remember To Visit The Toilet


Some places don’t have a toilet, and if they do it’s rare they will just let you use it. You need to be a customer to use them, and if you’re not you’ll have to pay. Always use the toilet before you leave the house, and do some research so you know where to go if you’re caught short.


Don’t Be A Cliche


Don’t move to Paris because you want to cover yourself in stripes and wear a beret. It’s an old cliche that should have probably died out by now.





You Should Probably Take A French Class


You should probably learn some French before you move here. Once you’ve arrived, enrolling yourself in a French class will definitely improve your experience. Some French people can speak English, but they are much less willing to speak it to you than many other places. They’ll react better to you if you make the effort to learn and speak to them in their own language.


Know The Rules Of Cheek Kissing


Cheek kissing is also a big thing in Paris. Men don’t kiss each other’s cheeks, but they are always going to kiss a woman on the cheek unless she offers up her hand instead. Bear that in mind. Get comfortable with it if you’re not already.


Travel Around Too


Don’t move to Paris and limit yourself to this area. If you don’t travel around then it’s a missed opportunity. There are so many places worth visiting, and you’ll get a new perspective on France each time.


Know All The Best Views


Know all of the best views in Paris. Surprisingly, it isn’t even from the top of the Eiffel Tower. There are many views around the city that are better, and actually viewing the Eiffel tower from there is better.


Forget All Of The Touristy Stuff


Tourists really don’t much about Paris when you do your research. Only living there will teach you what you really want to know. All of the best views and haunts!

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