Fed up with beers, burgers and hangovers? Try Lightning in a Bottle Festival, Los Angeles

Festival season is fast approaching and there are some great events going on this year which will see you through the summer. But forget mud, wellies and rain, if you’re lucky enough to be heading to America (or already live there), then Lightning in a Bottle Festival in Los Angeles is definitely worth a look. The Festival offers something a little different from the festivals you might be used to (especially in England!) and promotes the ethos of environmental consciousness, creativity and spirituality.

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The festival takes place between 22nd-26th May and boasts an eclectic line up of electronic music placed alongside art installations, spiritual workshops, yoga and speakers. Some of the artists this year include Moby, Little Dragon, Simian Mobile Disco and Amon Tobin as well as many others. The festival is organised by The Do LaB who also work with Coachella, Global Gathering, Virgin Music Festival and Boom, so if you’ve enjoyed any of these festivals then you’re in for a treat.

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While I was previewing the festival I couldn’t help but be reminded of when I went to Unknown Festival last year. The unusual art installations and general ‘quirkyness’ of the venue is something which sets the festivals apart from the mainstream. I’d much rather see an interesting sculpture than a chain of burger vans or a cheap souvenir stand (although sometimes a burger is much appreciated).

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The music is just one part of the festival experience. Obviously it’s a pretty big part of it, but I also think the atmosphere of a festival is important. Lightning in a Bottle Festival seems to appeal to our free spirited nature, our sense of community rather than being a cold, commercially-driven enterprise.

At the heart of the festival is The Lucent Temple of Consciousness. Build out of recycled and found objects, the Temple is the hub of spiritual awakening and offers yoga, workshops and exotic world music. According to the website ‘Everything in the Temple is designed for body joy, mind broadening and heart opening’. There’s even a Healing Sanctuary which focuses on massage and body work. Festival-goers can also take part in a Gong Bath. No water is involved, instead you simply lie down and are bathed in sounds waves which have a meditative effect on the body.

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As well as promoting a sense of spiritual wellbeing, the festival also places emphasis on being together as a community. The Living Village was created as a cultural experiment to explore what village life means and how we can bring it into our everyday life. The aim is to create an environment where every person has a valued role to play and is an integral part of the community.

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If you’re fed up of eating greasy burgers, spending your days tired and hungover and want something a little different from your usual festival experience, then Lightning in a Bottle Festival could be the one for you. Although the idea of leaving a festival feeling more uplifted and spiritually-awakened is a bit of an alien concept to me, I can definitely see the appeal!

For more information on the festival and how to purchase tickets you can check out their website here.


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