Krka National Park: no, it hasn’t been photoshopped…

If you ever get the chance to visit Croatia, or more specifically Dalmatia, then you should definitely take a visit to Krka National Park. It’s named after the River Krka which it surrounds and is the seventh of Croatia’s national parks. The photos below have not been photoshopped – the view really is that striking!


Not only is it an area of outstanding natural beauty but the park is also very well preserved. The park is home to 18 different types of fish and the swamped areas on either side of the river are rich in wildlife including birds, amphibians and reptiles. As you walk around the park you’ll find numerous information boards telling you all about the different animals you can spot.


Krka National Park makes for a great day out. Although it’s very well preserved it’s still geared up for tourists. You’ll find sightseeing tours, boat trips, souvenir shops and cafes. There is a good footpath which takes you all around the park and takes about 45 minutes to complete. There are also lots of lookout points along the way where you can take some amazing photographs of the natural scenery. When you reach the end you’ll arrive at Skradinski buk which is one of the most photographed parts of the park.


It’s a massive, crystal blue pool with an impressive waterfall pouring into it. Although you can’t swim right up to the waterfall, swimming is permitted in the rest of the water. In the summer months you’ll find the area is teaming with tourists taking a dip. The water is relatively shallow and clear so is perfect for swimming. If you’re not one for swimming you can stand on the bridge which overlooks the water or you can sunbathe on the river bank. There are plenty of cafes and food stalls nearby where you can grab something to eat and relax.


Roski Slap is another part of the park which is worth a look. It’s made up of 12 waterfalls in a space of 450 metres and the best way to see it is by boat. Most of these leave from Skradin and give you the opportunity to see the sights up close. Some excursions give you the chance to stop off and take a walk along the footpaths by the water.

So, if you decide to visit this part of Croatia make sure to set aside some time to visit Krka National Park. You should be able to book excursions from most of the main tourist booking offices. If you have a spare day Krka is well worth a look. Just make sure you bring your swimming costume and a picnic!

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