Is Your Spine Tingling Yet? Three Of The Spookiest Tours In The World

When you think of holidays, it’s likely that you think of somewhere sunny, a bit of sea, and maybe some charming evening walks through a pretty, small town. After all, we deal with enough stress and irritation in our daily lives. When we get downtime, why would we not want the relaxing life?


And yet… if we extended that theory to all our time off, the world would be a different place. Horror movies would never get a cinema release. True crime books and documentaries would lie on shelves, gathering dust.


There is something about the world that makes us at least a little bit curious about the macabre. Just as that finds its way into our reading and viewing, for some people it’s an inspiration for picking holiday destinations.


While these creepy spots in the world may not be enough for a seven-day break, they can be visited as part of a larger holiday. If you have the inclination, they can be the focus of a three- or four-day trip. One thing’s for sure – they’ll tingle your spine in a big way.


Going To London? Experience The Story Of The Ripper


His crimes took place in Victorian London, and his body count has been surpassed by various killers. Nonetheless, Jack the Ripper still holds a morbid curiosity for many people. Signing up for a  Jack the Ripper Tour will give you the chance to see his haunts and learn more about Victorian London’s ghoulish side. In terms of UK breaks for horror fans, this is top of the tree.



The Ripper’s hunting grounds.


See The Beauty Of Ukraine And The Desolation of Pripyat


One of the most remembered news stories of the 1980s was the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear plant. If you’re old enough, you’ll remember the news reports. If you’re not, ask your parents. To this day, numerous countries refuse to entertain the idea of nuclear power.


The nearby city of Pripyat had a population of 50,000 before the explosion. Today it lies abandoned, exactly as it was left by the inhabitants. You can (safely) tour both Chernobyl and Pripyat as part of a holiday. It may not be the most comfortable trip you make, but it will be worth it.



A forgotten city.


Philippines: The Hanging Coffins Of Sagada


If you’re taking a trip to the Philippines, there is always going to be plenty for the conventional tourist to appreciate. Beyond that, though, there is an attraction that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.


The Igorot tribe of the area have a unique custom when one of their number dies. Instead of burying them underground, they lay them to rest in a coffin and hang it from a cliff in the mountain province they call home. This has been going on for up to two-thousand years. The reason behind the custom is simple – it is felt that this places the dead closer to their God. One thing is for sure; it makes for an awe-inspiring sight.



It’s as bizarre as it sounds.


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