Inspired Ways To Find Out More About Your Destination

Whenever I’m travelling to a new destination, I just love researching what I’m going to find there. While travelling off the beaten track is great fun, sometimes having an itinerary gives you a sense of focus about what you want to see. While you are away, you want to be able to take in as many of the important sights as you can. For me, I love to see the places that make the people who they are.


One way to do this is to check out social media from the region you are travelling to. What are people talking about? What’s happening in the city? All these things can be found out from local social media feeds. Blogs and news sites are also really good ways to find out more about the country you are visiting. Local news items can help you build a picture of what is important to the people you are about to meet.


It’s also a good idea to follow travel bloggers like me. We often visit many of the countries you would be interested in travelling to. Travel blogs can give you advice and insight into places you might never have heard of. You might even find some inspired ideas for revisiting a country you love!


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If you love sampling the local cuisine when you are there, why not prepare for your adventure overseas in style? Use the internet to find some gorgeous recipes from the regions you are about to visit. They will certainly give you a flavor and taste of what’s to come!


Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram are full of wonderful photos of landscapes and architecture from all over the world. They are often tagged with the name of the country or city where they were taken, so language differences should pose no problems. Why not Google your destination for choice now and see what these photo sites have to offer? You might be able to find one or two tourist hot spots that become your must-see places.


If you can, visit the tourist website for the country or city you are interested in. There will be a lot of popular tourist sights on there, but you can always find one or two hidden gems you never thought about before. Many of these sights are commissioned by the local government. They often have a lot of information about local arts and culture exhibits.



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Even if you are arranging your itinerary, it’s worth nipping into your local travel agent for a brochure. Sitting down with a glossy mag can usually help you plan your movements when you arrive. You may even find a couple of excursions or deals you could use. Best of all, local maps can be cut out and kept in your backpack. Very handy if your phone battery dies while you are out on a destination adventure!


I love finding out all I can about a place before I arrive. It helps me make sure I have covered everything I want to see. It also helps me to write better blogs for you to find out more as well! Have a great journey.


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