Ideal Travel Destinations For Nature Fans And Animal Lovers

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Any travel fan will have their bucket list. Your might contain Vegas and Hong Kong, while someone else’s might have Saint Lucia and The Maldives. Regardless of your tastes, once you’ve seen them, you might be inclined to try something new. And, if you’re a sucker for incredible views and natural wildlife, these destinations will be ideal for you.


When you’re next writing up a travel list and thinking about where to head next, why not add one of these destinations? Not only will you be going somewhere completely different, you’ll be adding a new string to your travel shaped bow too!




Croatia is packed full of culture that nature lovers will adore. Šibenik is located right on the coast and has breathtaking views out to sea, along with incredible gardens to visit. Another seaside town to see would be Dubrovnik. It’s city walls, and the harbor are two unmissable sights, but the among the wildlife, historical gardens and clearings are where you’ll want to be. And finally, Stari Grad on Hvar island is full to the brim with heritage and nature for the ultimate experience in peaceful travel.




With so many incredible countries to choose from, the African continent ensures any animal and nature fan is spoilt for choice. But, one thing’s for sure, there is an experience you can enjoy, that will never come close to any other memory you have. Discover lion conservation on your travels and gain an experience you’ll never forget. You can choose a project that suits you and volunteer your time towards saving one of Africa’s most renowned animals.




If you’ve never spent a lot of time in the snow before, but you’d like to, you might want to consider Canada as your next travel destination. Not only can you uncover the incredible culture and friendly nature of the locals, but you can book an experience that will change your views on travel forever. Dog sledding in Ontario will take you from a lodge to spending your nights in heated tents and back again as you spend a few days with your team of huskies. Just imagine how incredible it could be!




It has become famous on social media, but if you’re a huge fan of island life and a lover of animals, you might want to add Pig Beach to your bucket list. Located in the Bahamas, the beach features the typical bright blue waters and white sandy beaches we come to expect from the Caribbean Islands. But, it has one difference – swimming pigs. Find yourself among them and see something you never knew existed – all while surrounded by your own little paradise.




France has some of the world’s most incredible nature. The views are spectacular, and the rural areas of the country are quite something. If you’re looking to see France in an entirely different way, head to the Dordogne Valley. It has a wonderful heritage, and it’s completely unspoilt. The Dordogne river is also a great place to schedule activities in the summer months too. And, Aix-les-Bains is the perfect spa town to stay in for access to the Bauges Massif Regional Natural Park with it’s serene natural environment.



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