I need to build up my travel fund!


There have been a few quite massive expenses recently which have meant my travel fund has taken a hit. In fact, the fund is almost non-existent at the moment!

I still have my trip booked to Croatia in September (although I haven’t booked my return flights yet!) and I’m hoping to do a bit of travelling around the country like I did last year. Luckily Croatia is quite cheap but I still need to do quite a bit of saving so that I have some spending money and to buy my return flights of course.

Although I doubt there will be any more big trips on the cards this year, I decided that this might be a good opportunity to explore what’s on my doorstep, so to speak. Ireland is like a second home to me and I go there every year with family. Usually I pass through Dublin after I’ve got the ferry to Ireland and begin heading down towards Cork however, I’ve never properly explored Dublin before. Flights there are cheap and the people are so friendly that I feel like it’s definitely worth a visit.

I’m also heading over to Manchester next month for Parklife festival. I’ve been to Manchester before of course, but it’s just a bit of a change of scene. I’d quite like to go back to London for the day at some point as well. You can pick up fairly cheap train tickets if you book in advance and there are loads of free things to do there. I’m a big fan of art galleries so the Tate Modern and the National Gallery are two which I always like to visit.

The next step is to start building the travel fund back up again – but how?

One thing I always do when I’m trying to raise a bit of cash is to sell my old clothes and jewellery on eBay. Especially as I’ve just moved house, I’ve got loads of stuff I don’t need any more. It’s nice to clear a bit of space and raise some money at the same time. I’ve also started selling my stuff at local table top sales. You usually pay a small fee for your table and then just sell your things to members of the public. Last time I made £100 which I was pretty pleased with.

Having a goal in mind usually makes it easier to save up so I need to start deciding what next year’s travel plans will be! I’d love to visit Thailand so I think that might be next on the agenda. Definitely need a lottery win right now…


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