How to stay fit while travelling

If you’re travelling for a long period of time, it’s easy for any fitness plan you had back at home to be thrown out of the window. Your sleeping and eating patterns are often erratic and you’re so busy experiencing all your destination has to offer that there just isn’t the time for exercise.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t stay in shape while you’re travelling. If you’re used to going to the gym then it may be that you just have to get a little more creative with your exercise regime and adapt to not having your usual equipment. Perhaps you could take a morning jog and take in the scenery or rent a bike for the day. Ask your hostel staff for the best routes or download an App such as MapMyRoute which will help you find routes anywhere in the world. Not only will you be enjoying some exercise but you’ll get the opportunity to explore your destination a little better.

It can be easy to just grab something quick to eat when you’re travelling. With limited access to cooking facilities you have to rely on what you can buy when you’re out and about. But this doesn’t mean you can’t find some nutritious meals. You’ll probably find that authentic local cuisine is made from fresh ingredients and is much nicer than picking up something from the supermarket.  If you’re staying on the coast you might be able to find some delicious seafood, or a local market might provide you with some fresh fruit and vegetables.

Of course, lugging your backpack around all day is sure to burn a few calories but whatever you do, make sure you have a good supply of water with you. Especially in hot countries it’s important to stay hydrated.

Don’t expect to be able to return to your normal exercise regime when you return home. While travelling, your body is put under various pressures, from a change in diet to a change in climate. If you have the motivation, it is possible to stay in shape while you’re travelling but at the end of the day your priority should be enjoying yourself!

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