How To Pack For A Successful Hiking Trip

Although it’s not the most glamorous kind of travel, hiking trips make for a wonderful experience. You’re bound to see some great scenery, get up close to nature, and have a refreshing break from civilization and all its complications. Any trip has certain essentials, but with hiking they’re especially important. Here are some bare necessities for your hiking trip.


We’ll start with the most obvious item; food. Although every hiker remembers to bring food, a lot of newbies don’t make the smartest choices. Remember that you’re going to be walking through most days on your trip, so make sure you’re not carrying any weight you don’t need. The best way to cut down weight is by bringing a lot of dehydrated food. They should have a lot of calories to keep your energy levels up, but try to have it span a variety of food groups. On those long, up-hill trudges, you’re going to sweat a lot, so make sure you’re getting enough salt. Dried fruit, oats, nuts and tinned pasta are all great things to bring. Obviously you may want to cook your own raw meat to get the real wilderness experience. However, make sure you buy it close to your trip and use it in time.



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Next, a tent. I know this is a no-brainer, but a lot of people still buy tents which slow them down or are insufficient. Make sure the tent you buy suits your needs, but nothing else. Again, excess weight will only make all that walking harder. I know a lot of two-person tents aren’t that comfortable for two people, but if you bring anything larger you could end up regretting it. Whatever tent you buy, make sure it has a decent rain fly and a ground cloth. If you’re going somewhere that has a lot of rainfall, then it might be worth bringing a sheet of tarpaulin as well. If your spot is particularly rocky, then look for tents that can stand without stakes. You can find a great selection of tents here:


Finally, you should double and triple-check that you have certain emergency items. A fire will make your campsite more comfortable, but sometimes it can be a necessity. Make sure you bring several disposable lighters and some fire starters. A knife can also come in extremely useful when you’re in the middle of the woods. You should also bring a whistle and keep it on you at all times. If you’re unlucky enough to get stuck anywhere, this can be a literal life saver. Portable phone chargers like the one at can also get you out of bad situations. Don’t let anyone abuse these though; you’re out here to enjoy the great outdoors! A small first aid kit with antibiotics, plasters, bandages and so on should also be in your backpack.


Secure these supplies, and your hiking trip will be everything you hoped it would. While you’re out there, remember to use common sense and put safety first. Untamed wilderness can be a little more dangerous than five-star hotels!


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