How To Do A Great Gap Year

Taking a gap year is a fantastic way to learn lots and gain great skills that will stand to you throughout your life. There are loads of different options for the most exciting year of your life, check out our ideas on how to make it great…


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Au pairs can be located anywhere in the world, and taking on the role of looking after children in their own home is a brilliant way to really immerse yourself in the local language and culture. You should already have a good knowledge of French, Spanish, German or another language before applying. If you are hoping to study a language at university, spending your gap year as an au pair will look great on your application. If you are aiming for a career that involves travel or business on a global scale, potential employers will be impressed by your time spent in this kind of work.



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·        English teachers are in great demand all over the world, so if you like working with young people and have good presentation skills, this is the perfect way for you to spend your gap year. There are lots of ways to get into teaching English abroad, such as deciding to volunteer in Ghana to work in schools, or signing up to work at a private institution via an agency.


·       Stay at home and use your gap year to learn about the industry you hope to work in in the future. Apply for intern roles so that you can learn your chosen field from the ground up, develop your skills and make contacts that could be very useful in getting your career off to a roaring start. You can get information on internships on this page. Many people head off to university or a work training programme without having had any real experience of what the reality of a particular career is like. You may decide at the end of the gap year that the job you thought you wanted isn’t suitable for you at all, and that is useful in itself – instead of spending years toiling away at something you’re not sure about, you can be free to find out what really excites you!


·       Backpacking your way around places like Thailand, New Zealand and Australia will allow you more freedom than most people ever experience. You stay where you want for as long as you want, you can eat and drink what you like, and every aspect of your gap year can be on your terms. Unless you have a large sack of cash to bring with you, you’ll probably have to pick up some casual work along your travels. In Australia, foreign travellers often work at places like fruit farms – where you will meet other like-minded individuals.


However you choose to spend your gap year, make it count. Get some tips on making the most of this time right here. The skills and knowledge that you can gain with a productive gap year will impress employers and make you feel confident of taking on any challenges that come your way – and you can’t put a price on that.


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