How To Be A Wizard At Camping In Oz!

Camping is a great way to get away. Sometimes, it can be pretty cheap. What makes a great camping outing? Good equipment, and doing it the right way. Camping isn’t just out sitting in a tent for a bit, you could do it in a motorhome, or even a caravan. Australia has no end to the camping possibilities available. Let’s take a look, because it is a great way to get away.


The easiest way to get started with camping is to simply get a tent and pitch it. Sleeping under the stars under the canopy of a tree, with a lullaby from the local twittering birds. There might be no better way to relax! There are plenty of places to camp out in Australia, including some truly amazing national parks and some stunning nature reserves. With some spots on the coast, some next to rushing rivers or others with amazing vistas – Oz is also a beautiful place to camp!



Where to go? It truly depends on what you like. However, there are plenty of parks and reserves that cater for all types of camper. From simple campsites with basic amenities, to luxury sites with barbecues and showers, to places truly out in the open with nothing except the gear that you bring. No matter if you like the finer things in life, or aren’t afraid to rough it – there are plenty of places for you to camp out. Most national parks allow it and if we look at Victoria as an example, there are only ten parks in the area that actually don’t allow camping, leaving 25 which do! The majority of parks allow camping, so that’s in your favour if you’re looking to get out and about. When you are out and about camping with a tent, especially in more remote places – it is so important that you pay respect to your surroundings. You’re sitting in a place that is older than you could ever know, and frankly – it doesn’t deserve your wrappers and litter being left around. Take responsibility for your litter. Paying respect to your environment doesn’t just mean picking up your litter though – it means giving animals their space. Camping next to nests of larger animals isn’t a good idea, and if you are going to camp under insect hives, you’re asking for trouble. Give these animals their space, so you don’t end up with problems.


It’s not just a tent though – caravanning is great fun and can help you meet other people, especially if you join up with groups or a Caravan Industry Association. If you want to get outdoors, but don’t know anyone that wants to – this could be right for you!



To excel at camping, you need the right equipment – that doesn’t just mean a tent though – it means food, water and other essentials. If you need camping gear, do your research to get the best stuff for your money.


With beauty and wildlife, Australia is amazing for outdoorsy types – and if you want to try it, you now know what to do! Get out there!

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