Guest Post: Ready to dine with a twist? Themed restaurants in London!

Have your food habits become a bit too boring? That pizza delivery doesn’t excite you anymore or your usual restaurant just doesn’t cut the mustard? Maybe staring at lackluster walls while sitting at a predictable rectangular table, listening to Aunt Mildred blabbing on about nothing has become too monotonous for you and you want some excitement in your life?

How about trying out a themed restaurant to add some ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your dining experience? There are many themed restaurants around the country, but let’s take a look at London:


The Rainforest Café 20 Shaftesbury Ave, W1D 7EU

Imagine eating while being surrounded by animated tigers, elephants and gorillas. You’ll be about to bite into your ‘Rainforest Classic Steak Burger’ and suddenly you’ll hear the cawing of a parrot or the hissing of a snake! This restaurant is decked out from head to toe in bright colours and there are even tanks containing tropical fish lining the walls.

What’s even cooler about this restaurant is that it supports environmental causes and works with the World Land Trust. When you order certain dishes, part of the price will be donated to charity. Even more reason to visit!



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Dans Le Noir – 30-31 Clerkenwell Green, EC1R 0DU

This could be considered the opposite to the Rainforest Café! Instead of seeing crazy colours and shapes, you see…nothing! You eat in total darkness! There are four menus to choose from; ‘fish’, ‘meat’, ‘veggie’ and ‘surprise’ and you’re lead into a pitch-black room where you’ll find your hearing and taste become a lot more heightened as your sight is taken away. You must stay seated during your meal and call a server over if you need anything. The whole experience teaches you to appreciate the taste of food instead of wolfing it down without giving it a second thought.


Circus Restaurant – 27-29 Endell Street, Covent Garden WC2H 9BA

If you get bored of the same chit-chat when you dine how about having circus acts and cabaret entertain you? Dine on delicious Pan Asian cuisine as you watch acro-balance performances, a fire eating show, aerial-hoop performances and many others right before your eyes. Just make sure you’re not too enthralled in the show that your food goes cold! The décor itself is amazing and surreal and was designes by the British designer, Tom Dixon.


Inamo – 4-12 Lower Regent Street, SW1Y 4PE and 134-136 Wardour St, W1F 8ZP

Love technology and gadgets? Eat here! Every table has an interactive display where you can order your food and drinks. But it doesn’t stop there! You can even choose your own table cloth and play games against the others on your table. There are two branches in London so that’s double the fun! One of them is decorated with bamboo shoots and even has its own mini waterfall. The food served is Pan Asian so prepare your palate for Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Thai fusion.



Photo credit: tiseb

Silk At The Courthouse – 19-21 Great Marlborough St, W1F 7HL

Just like the name suggests, this restaurant used to be a courthouse, the Great Marlborough Street Magistrate’s Court to be precise. Many famous people such as John Lennon, Mick Jagger and Oscar Wilde have had their trials here and where the judge once sat there’s now a Buddha statue in his place. Guests can expect to dine on Michelin recommended Asian fusion cuisine and if you’re lucky enough you might even get a table in the witness box.

This has been a guest post by Rachel; foodie, traveller and writer. When she’s not eating or seeing the world, she’s blogging for hungryhouse and filling people’s lives with joyous food information!


Note from the editor: Trying out a new restaurant can be great, especially if it offers something a little bit different. But if you suffer from an allergy, check out ‘Tips for travelling with an allergy‘ for advice on dealing with meals out when you’re away.

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