Great Travelling Ideas for Couples Celebrating an Anniversary

Anniversaries are special, and they should be marked as such by the two people in the relationship that are celebrating them in special ways. And, what is more special than going travelling? So, why don’t you combine your next anniversary celebration with a bout of a anniversary inspired travelling?


To see some of the best destinations and ideas for doing so, make sure to read on.



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River cruises


Anniversary travelling should be as romantic as possible, and there is nothing more romantic than going on a river cruise. And, if you were to specifically get you and your half aboard a boat that takes you down any one of our world’s best rivers for romance, such as the Seine in Paris, the Amstel in Amsterdam or the Thames in London, you would be sure to both have the anniversary travelling experience of a lifetime. So, if you have a particularly big anniversary coming up or if you, quite rightly, deem every anniversary you spend with your loved one to be a big event, then make sure to head over to and get yourself booked aboard the best river cruise possible to keep your romance alive and kicking.



Go on a road trip in Europe


Road trips are also a great way to spend an anniversary, especially if said anniversary is a particularly big or (dare I say) old one. You see, road trips induce a feeling of youth for whoever embarks upon them and can make even the oldest of people feel young again. And, that could be just what you and the other half need to truly enjoy yourselves once again like you once did.


When deciding where to road trip, look no further than Europe. In Europe you could embark on a road trip that will take you through various different countries: you could travel through the city of love, Paris; you could head to the world famous Hotel Hohenwart spa in Schenna, Italy; you could go skiing in the Alps; or you could visit all the long-standing, old castles that Britain has to offer, such as Warwick Castle or Kenilworth Castle. Simply, a European road trip could be the thing for you and your other half to do if you want to reclaim your earliest years of being together again.



Go beachin’


By going on a beaching holiday, especially if said beachin’ takes place on a private island like Angsana Ihuru in the Maldives, you and the other half could have the most romantic time of your life. You would be able to relax with nobody at all around to disrupt you. You would be able to enjoy each other’s company in beautiful conditions. And you would be able to relax in an ambiance that truly makes you fall in love with everything you see and experience.


Anniversaries are very important, and thus they should be treated as such. And, when it comes to treating your next anniversary as important, make sure to consider taking the other half away on the romantic break of a lifetime!

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