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Paris.  Probably one of the most romantic cities in the world.  Whilst europe is full of stunning cities and beautiful coastlines, the capital city of France is a draw for so many tourists.


One of the most dramatic and beautiful sights is The Eiffel Tower and this is a well known symbol for the chic city.  Climbing to the top of the 180m tower is a must for all travellers, although you can’t actually climb to the top, you will take a lift.  The 2nd floor is as far as one can climb and an excellent viewing platform for anyone who is a little nervous of heights.  From here you can see Paris in all her beauty and you can enjoy the Michelin Starred Jules Verne restaurant.  However a journey to the top will reward you with the delights of Eiffel’s champagne bar.  Sipping one of France’s most celebrated drinks you can admire the architecture and panoramic views, planning out the rest of your stay.


Eiffel from the ground is no less beautiful, at night she is illuminated for all of the city to see.  You may have seen her change her colours for various causes, remembrance or in celebration.  In the city itself it is an incredible sight and one you will remember for years.


Driving in Paris is not for the faint hearted but, if you are committed and confident you must take this opportunity to tackle the famous Arc de Triomph.  This roundabout has a sort of mind of it’s own and is known globally as one of the craziest junctions on earth.  You need your wits about you but it is yet another memory you will keep with you forever.  Hopefully for the right reasons.  Due to the hussle of the city it is important to book parking in Paris.  Do not leave it to chance as you will find very few spaces available and having your hire car towed for being in the wrong place is not a great experience when you are on holiday.


The shopping is as good as it gets.  Think Madison Avenue, Bond Street or Monaco.  Paris is home to some incredible designers and their home boutiques line the streets proudly.  However one of the best things about this country and most specifically this city, is the cuisine.


Walk into any Michelin star restaurant, whether in New York or Berlin and if you don’t see french cuisine reflected in their menu somewhere, there is a chance you are in the wrong place.  Obviously you cannot come to France without sampling a few basics,  Steak Frites, Croque Monsieur, Duck Confit.  But dig a little deeper into the heart of the streets and have your mind blown with food you couldn’t even dream of.


Paris is a must for every traveller.  You will adore the fashion, fall in love with the people, remember the passion and lust after the incredible views of that iconic structure.  It is a city to be treasured and a country to be cherished.

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