Get Ahead On Your Gap Year By Investing In Yourself

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If you’re considering taking a gap year soon, you might be thinking about twelve months of incredible travel and who could blame you. Whether you’re taking a bit of a break before you head off to university, or some much-needed time out before you embark on a lifelong career, you’re going to want to make your year count.


It’s an exciting, rewarding and eye-opening idea to travel, but you could also consider your gap year from an entirely different angle. Instead of focusing on a year of freedom, why not invest in yourself? During your gap year, there are a range of fun experiences to do that could benefit your university application or improve your CV.


Learn A Language


If you’re moving from place to place, you might already have a rough idea of where you are going. You could even be in any one country for weeks or months on end. If you are, why not learn the language? You can find language schools, like Ellci in Italy, which are perfect for getting you up to fluency. You might even discover that it gives you a new perspective on the culture too.


Be Self Sufficient


You may have worked hard to save up money to travel with, and if that’s the case, give yourself a huge pat on the back. Having done that, don’t you also want to continue on in the same self sufficient spirit for the rest of your gap year? When you rely on yourself for money, working any jobs you can to earn the money to eat and socialise, you feel good. It’s the same when you have to buy and cook your own food. You feel a sense of pride, and it develops you as a person. Learning the value of money could be really good for you during the year.


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Push Yourself


While you’re traveling, you might be tempted to relax and party, enjoy and discover, which will definitely leave you with a year well spent. You’ll learn and grow in new ways. But, you could also consider pushing yourself to the next level. Why not work on understanding yourself better? Travel can be inspiring in so many ways, especially spiritually. You could even work on your emotional maturity as a result and go home ready to tackle your next steps with ease.


Learn To Cook


After your gap year, if you’re leaving home for the first time to attend University, or moving into your first real place as a person in the working world, you might be in need of a few basic skills. One of which will be cooking. So, while you are traveling through some incredible cultures and eating fantastic food, why not learn to cook? There will be lessons available in most countries that you’re visiting, and it could even give you a new perspective on food. Not only will it improve your life, but it will also look great on your CV.




And then of course, if you have serious ambition and are exciting about your future career, you could save some time in your gap year for furthering your prospects. Interning abroad could be one way for you to combine your love of talent with the need to develop and better yourself. You can find experience in so many sectors, across a range of companies, so you’ll be sure to find a position that suits you.



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