Four Top Rated Attractions on the East Coast of Canada That You Need To Visit

When people think about a trip to Canada, they might think of the ski resorts on the west. Whistler and Nakiska are some of the world’s top resorts out by the cities of Vancouver and Calgary. You might think of the hustle and bustle of Toronto and all that that has to offer. You might think of French Canadian areas like Quebec and Montreal, which offer a perfect mix of European and North American culture. But have you ever thought about traveling to New Brunswick before? From the UK, it is one of the easiest spots to get to, as it is right on the east coast, bordering Nova Scotia and the US state of Maine. It has a lot to offer too; much more than you might think. Here are a few of the top attractions and sights in the Canadian area of New Brunswick.





The Bay of Fundy


The huge bay of Fundy in the Atlantic Ocean is shaped a bit like a funnel. So as a result, it makes some of the largest and highest tides in the world. There are stunning views along the coastline, including beaches to visit, cliffs, and lighthouses. You can even drive around in the area for some really stunning scenic views. If you’re lucky, on a clear day, you might even spot some whales or dolphins swimming far off in the distance.


Parlee Beach Provincial Park


If you wanted something completely different to the Bay of Fundy, then you could hit up the Parlee Beach Provincial Park. Based near Shediac, it is one of the best beaches on the Atlantic coast. It has fine sands and warm waters that can reach bath-like temperatures in the height of summer. The water is much calmer and clearer too. You could camp at a local campground, or taste some of the world famous lobster than Shediac has to offer.





Fundy National Park


This National Park sits in between the cities of Moncton and Saint John. It is a place that you can visit all year round too. Though summer would almost guarantee dry weather. There are hiking trails inland, as well as along the coastline. It makes them perfect for watching a variety of wildlife. There are campgrounds available to camp in nearby, as well as hotels in the city of Moncton like the Amsterdam Inn & Suites. There is also a golf course in the National Park. So it really is the perfect spot for someone that enjoys the outdoors and enjoy exploring.


Grand Manan Island


This small island is only accessible by ferry, which makes it a great day trip out for all of the family. It is near the Bay of Fundy, and it is the perfect spot to do some fishing, and a small fishing community live there all year long. You can spot whales and other marine life, as well as a variety of birds in the spring and summer. It really is a must visit for any nature and wildlife lovers.

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