Four Of Asia’s Best

If you are looking for an exciting vacation this year, then Asia ought to be at the top of your list. There are so many ways you can travel the world’s largest continent and a host of amazing countries to see. We have pulled together 4 of the best depending on what you are looking to get out of your trip.



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The Backpackers Dream


Chucking on a rucksack and heading off into the wilderness is something that may not appeal to everyone. However, travelling on foot like this is often the very best way to see a country. Japan is a brilliant destination for this and has a variety of different landscapes for you to get your teeth into. From modern life right the way through to temples in the mountains, you cannot get more travel credits than heading out for a few weeks trekking some of Japan’s amazing mountains.


The Ancient Wonderland


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If mystery, culture and history are more your thing, then you should consider a trip to China. There are many different china tour packages which will take you around the incredible history of this beautiful country. You don’t have to master the language however you may need to ensure your guide is excellent in both English and Mandarin Chinese. Head to Beijing to see the Forbidden City or take the Roof Of The World train to Tibet where you can see some of the original stunning Buddhist temples.



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The Danger Zone


Travelling to dangerous countries has been growing more fashionable in recent years, and while we don’t recommend it, you can now head out to Afghanistan for tours of this remarkable country. Mostly we see the devastation on the news. However, many of us will feel we have a connection to the place. Reasons to go could include the city of Herat and its 800-year-old Friday mosque; breathtaking lakes at Band-e-Amir; and Bamiyan, site of the monumental sixth-century Buddhas destroyed by the Taliban in 2001. It’s not for us, though; we’ll sit it out!



The Life Of Luxury


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If you are more Michelin Star than a night under the stars, you may want to take a trip to Dubai. This is one of the most prosperous cities in the world and has essentially created itself from nothing. It has even built its islands in the sea, although rumour has it they are sinking, so maybe you want to avoid those. This is the perfect spot for some serious shopping, and you might get to try out one of the incredible supercars that frequent the streets. Supercar hire in Dubai is pretty standard, so check it out.


Asia has such a variety of options for the traveller and is certainly the best place to head if you want to see some of the most exciting and spiritual cultures on earth. Just remember to respect the cultures as in some places across Asia, women are expected to cover up, and couples are not permitted to have sexual contact in public places, so your cuddle on the beach? Could be misinterpreted. Just be careful.

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