Forget Aruba And Jamaica: Make Nevis Your Next Caribbean Holiday


If you’re planning a holiday in the Caribbean, don’t default to the usual tourist destinations. You’re spoilt for choice by the number of beautiful islands in this part of the world. If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday with stunning beaches and a slower pace, Nevis is for you.


Nevis is the smaller of the two Caribbean islands that make up Saint Kitts and Nevis. It is known for its sandy beaches and colonial architecture. It is also the haunt of several celebrities and members of the British royal family. It offers everything you would expect from an island holiday, without the noise and crowds.


If you’re looking to buy real estate in Nevis, the process is simple and straightforward. And there are many stunning properties that would make the perfect dream holiday home.


When To Visit


High season is December to April when the weather is at its most splendid. Some hotels and restaurants close during the quieter season of September and October. This is also hurricane season. Consider hiring a car to make your time there a little easier.


Things To Do In Nevis


1. Visit Pinney’s Beach


Pinney’s Beach is three miles of soft white sand and lies to the west of the island. It is known as a party beach. However, it is so long that it is easy to find a quiet spot and spend the day there. You will find many casual bars along the beach. Sundays are popular with locals, and you can expect volleyball and music.


2. Take A Walk In One Of The Nature Trails


The island boasts several nature trails, including Nevis Peake. This is a dormant volcano and is the highest point on the island. The views from there are spectacular. Look out for red-necked pigeons, and green vervet monkeys.


3. Enjoy The Festivals


If you visit during late July / early August, you will experience Culturama. This is the main festival. It includes calypso tents, fashion shows, and performances. The Ms. Culture Queen Pageant also takes place during the festival.


Neighbouring Saint Kitts plays host to its annual Music Festival during the month of June. This is also worth a visit. It attracts local and international artists.


4. Visit Charlestown


Charlestown is the capital of the island and is known for its beautiful buildings and old world charm. Here you’ll find Georgian architecture and 19th-century churches. Enjoy the charming local shops and restaurants and Victorian gingerbread buildings. Learn about the island’s history at the Museum of Nevis History.


5. Go Diving


The island is well-known for its beautiful coastline, and this continues beneath its waters. The island has 40 dive sites where you can explore the reefs and ocean creatures. Enjoy scuba diving, snorkelling, or charter a boat. Classes are also available. Night dives can be arranged, where you may spot turtles and cocooned parrot fish.


If you’re considering a trip to the Caribbean in the near future, add Nevis to your itinerary. Its beautiful coastline won’t disappoint, and you’ll find activities to suit all tastes.

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