Food you simply have to try when you visit the UK

To an outsider, some of the food we Brits eat might seem a little unusual. It can hardly be described as the healthiest diet in the world but it is delicious nonetheless. If you’ve never visited the UK before and want to try out some of it’s ‘delicacies’ then read on…

Full English Breakfast

You just can’t visit the UK without trying a Full English Breakfast – it sets you up for the day and it’s a great hangover cure. You can expect a Full English with all the works to include sausage, eggs, bacon, beans, black pudding, hash browns, mushrooms, grilled tomato and fried toast. Enjoy!

7706215502_9803bfdb2dSunday Roast

It’s the staple family meal for families all across the UK; a chance to sit down together before the start of the working week. The choice of meat varies but your typical Sunday roast will include roast potatoes, vegetables, stuffing and Yorkshire puddings and gravy.


Chips and gravy

Gravy isn’t just reserved for the Sunday roast. This is perhaps more popular in the North of England, but chips and gravy is the perfect meal for when you’re heading home after a night out. Just stop off at a local takeaway and you will be happily served a portion of chips drenched in gravy – yum!


Battered Mars Bar

The battered Mars Bar is mostly found in Scotland and, while it’s not great if you’re on a diet, it can still make a delightful treat. It’s an acquired taste which requires little in the way of culinary skill – it’s literally a Mars Bar deep-fried.


Fish and Chips

Fish and chips – the classic seaside favourite. Head to any UK coastline and you will find a good old fish and chip shop. You’ll also have the choice of a wide range of accompaniments such as mushy peas, curry sauce and battered sausage. Ask for ‘scraps’ and you’ll get a scoop of extra batter bits – healthy!



What’s your favourite UK dish?

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