How to pack for a weekend in Montreal


If there’s one thing you need to know about visiting Montreal is that this city’s fashion is as eclectic as the people who live here.  As a leading North American fashion centre, Montreal’s unique style holds a special place among fashionistas and connoisseurs. Because of this, FlightHub reviews all the ways in which you won’t get stuck out of style in this booming fashion capitol.

Seasonal Dress

Montreal weather is serious business and can best be characterized in two distinct ways: so cold it hurts you face, and so hot you’ve melted into a puddle. The very brief in between seasons known as spring and fall virtually do not exist in this city, and so when the weather does shift Montrealers take full advantage.

Don’t be alarmed to see men wearing shorts and women sporting skirts when it’s only 10°C. After a long winter, Montrealers are ready for spring fashion. No matter the temperature, make sure to bring you pastels and monochromatics with you while frolicking the potholed streets of Montreal.

Whatever it is, own it

Never again ask yourself if this outfit matches: the golden rule in Montreal is “if you wear, you gotta own it.” Whether you’re rocking athleisure wear, spiked Jeffery Campbell heels, 70’s retro corduroy, or an 80’s one-piece snowsuit, Montrealers don’t care what you wear so long as it doesn’t wear you.  Want to sport a fascinator? Go for it!

50 shades of black, white and grey

If you’re not into the eclectic side of weird fashion then bring on the layers and ‘staple pieces’ from your wardrobe. You know those pieces: they’re the “these pants/shirt/scarf will cost me a fortune but goes with everything,” and you’re right, they did! From the months of October until May, Montreal’s unofficial uniform is all black: from pants, shoes, jackets, sweaters, parkas, hats and more, it’s all black everything while in Montreal. This is mostly due to the fact that Montrealers like to eat, play and live in the thriving winter elements, making outfit changes in the middle of winter daunting and unattractive. In a dark lit bar, no one can tell that the jeans you’re sporting are the same ones you’ve been wearing for the last three days.

If you’re feeling bold, then FlightHub recommends packing some nice greys and whites into the mix to spice things up! Sleek and streamline fashion is very popular for Montrealers during the winter months and adding a dash of lighter shades to your outfit will do wonders.

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