Exploring Home Turf: Holiday Ideas Without Leaving The Country

Sometimes an epic trip around the globe isn’t a financially viable option so trying to think of holiday ideas without leaving the country is the way to go! Not every holiday has to start with a plane journey and end with an exotic sandy beach. As nice as that sounds, it can get a little tedious as there’s no creativity involved, just a ton of cash and sunshine!


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Trying to figure out where to go on holiday on home turf is a challenge! So, let’s get creative and have a look at some holiday ideas without even needing a passport!


  • Head to the coast. Most countries have fantastic coastal towns just a stones’ throw from local cultural monuments and museums. You could have a look at a guide for the best local beaches, secret coves and what you can do on the beaches to get a good idea of the greatest resorts around. Head to Wales and look for places to stay in Gower while you enjoy the sandy beaches. Head to Scotland for zoo activities and the villages that can only be accessed by ferry! Making your way to the coast will only be the start of your journey, as every holiday needs the sea!
  • Going camping. This is a rather low cost adventure, and we like low cost! If you can’t make it to a coast, or a city break, why not grab a tent and pop it in the garden? You can build a fire, make s’mores and toast marshmallows under the stars. An outdoor experience without going too far!
  • The nearest city is an adventure in itself as wherever you live, you’ll be nearby to a bustling environment. Take the chance and go and explore the local city life, whether that’s the capital of your country or another metropolitan environment nearby. Museums, galleries and gorgeous eateries will be in their abundance and if it’s away from home then you’ll still be having a holiday.
  • National parks make for an excellent holiday destination. You can take the train or map a journey and drive. Pack those hiking boots and stay in a lodge in the thick forests of the national park – you’ll be able to get stuck into nature without combing the Kenyan jungles. As fun as the Kenyan jungles are, some of the national parks that are at home are just as beautiful and fun to visit, full of wildlife and activities!
  • Mountain climbing is an actual thing to do and if where your home is has mountains to be scaled, go on an adrenaline fuelled adventure and hit as many peaks as you can!


Your home turf doesn’t have to be seen as boring and a holiday is anywhere that isn’t your home. It’s time to get some research done on the things to see in the country you live in, as you need to learn to explore and discover some of the most exciting places to see on your doorstep.


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