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Wouldn’t you agree that the traveling aspect of any vacation or holiday can be just as fun as the trip itself? Some wouldn’t, and I think they are missing a trick. Many of us count down to our next break away from the daily grind, and why shouldn’t we? We work hard after all. However, the traveling aspect can be a stressful part of the holiday, and this can be down to a few different reasons. Not preparing when it comes to packing, not being organised when it comes to paperwork, and not traveling in the right way.


There are many different ways that you can head to your next vacation hot spot, the most common many people do nowadays is to fly. They are on crowded planes, everyone having the same intention, and while this could also be exciting, I wanted to explore a few other options that may make traveling part of the whole holiday.





Travel by boat


Decades ago the only way to get from one place to the next was to jump on a ship or more commonly known now a cruiseliner. It would take days, perhaps, to get from one destination to another, but for some people, this was part of the whole vacation process. These days you can still jump on a cruise and instead of island hopping, take a ship Trans-Atlantic or across the Pacific. Often even stopping off at countries or ports you may never have visited before. It works well if you have a phobia for air travel, and with some of the major cruise companies all vowing for your business, some of the cruiseliners are filled with amazing entertainment. There is even something called a Disney Cruise now, perfect for families.


Travel by private plane


Another option you may want to consider is to travel by private plan. Once only known for the rich and famous, private jet charters are becoming available to book now for everyone. It may be seen as a luxury, but it could be a saving grace when traveling long haul, or with children. If you don’t think this could work for every vacation, perhaps save it on your bucket list for a special occasion. Traveling on a private plane can mean that you can instantly relax from the general hustle and bustle a full plane could incur.





Consider a road trip


Finally, start your holiday off the moment you leave your home by going on a road trip. More people are considering this option as it enables you to be a little more relaxed when it comes to packing. For example, weight restrictions on planes can be limiting. A road trip gives you the chance to see much more of your destination, not to mention the sites you can see while actually traveling. It’s a great way to see a few more places on the road to your final stop.


I hope this has inspired you to consider other methods of transportation when going on holiday.


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